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Restoring backup with iTunes says backup is corrupt or incompatible? Check solution!

Have you just updated to iOS 8 on your iPhone 5 and/or want to restore your iOS 7 backup to your brand new iPhone 6 (that's being delivered to you by tomorrow) but iTunes fails on you saying backup is corrupt or not compatible with your iPhone that is being restored?

You can get all your data back in no time!

  • 'iTunes could not restore the iPhone because the backup was corrupt or not compatible with the iPhone that is being restored'
  • Apple official iOS 8 release

  • 'iTunes could not restore 'iPhone Name' because the backup session failed'
  • 'iTunes could not restore because iTunes doesn't recognize your device'

Why am I getting these errors?

Before showing you how to retrieve all your data from your iTunes backup, let's first get to know what is causing these errors and what they are.

1. The first message is very straight forward and tells you that you are dealing with a corrupt backup. Every now and then, when iTunes is backing up your iDevice it may happen that this process fails without giving any message. Unfortunately you end up finding that you have a corrupt backup only when trying to restore with iTunes.

The same error message is shown when your iTunes backup is not compatible with the device that is being restored, in your case iOS 8. For example, if you have an iOS 6 backup, it will be impossible to restore it to your iPhone 6.

2. The second error message is very similar with the first one and also tells that you are dealing with a corrupt or unfinished iTunes backup.

3. The third message requires that you check you are using the latest iTunes version, your USB cable is safe or you don't have any other third-party software conflicts. Usually this issue can be resolved by using the recovery mode.

Recovery mode will erase your device and restore it, that should resolve the issue. If you previously synced with iTunes or iCloud you will be able to restore from backup after recovery.

How to recover data from your corrupt iTunes backup?

Count on the iPhone Backup Extractor software backed by expert customer support that offers manual help when the backup is heavily corrupt. With forensic experience and over six years of smartphone backup recovery innovation, the software works perfectly with iOS 5, 6, 7 or 8 iTunes and iCloud backups and can help you recover data from your encrypted (password protected) or unencrypted backup.

So as long as your data has been backed up, we can recover it and we'll do our very best even with heavily corrupted backups. Recovering precious data like photos, videos, contacts, calendar, WhatsApp or more is our favourite thing to do! :)

Simply download and install the iPhone Backup Extractor to view the data available for extraction. If you're prompted with an error message saying your backup is corrupt, drop us a line, we'll help.

Otherwise, you can use the extraction links or the top menu 'Extract' to recover all your data in a nice and user friendly format.

Extract data from corrupt backup

Alternately to the extraction links, if you are a techy person, you can use the Expert Mode tab to recover your files directly from the backup folders. You can also use the App View tab to retrieve data from your iOS applications.

Note: Recovering data from a corrupt backup depends on how corrupt your backup is and we recommend you contact us for further help if it doesn't work for you from the first attempt.

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Have you had any issues restoring a backup to your iPhone 5 or 6? Let us know about your experience in the comments section.

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