How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages from iPhone or iPad
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How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages

Learn how to recover WhatsApp messages and attachments from iPhone or iPad by using iTunes or iCloud backups. A complete guide for WhatsApp messages recovery.

Why use iPhone Backup Extractor for WhatsApp recovery
Extended support
  • Support for all WhatsApp and iOS versions
  • Recover deleted WhatsApp chats from both iTunes and iCloud backups
Data preview
  • Recover deleted files one by one
  • Preview WhatsApp messages and media
Complete data extraction
  • Recover Whatsapp photos and videos
  • Export data as HTML and CSV
  • Works for stolen or lost iPhones
What will be recovered
alt Videos
alt Messages
alt Photos
Do you need to extract and recover your deleted WhatsApp messages from iCloud or iTunes backups? Do you want to recover chats from a lost or destroyed iPhone or iPad? Use iPhone Backup Extractor to selectively recover messages, attachments and group chats.

iPhone Backup Extractor can undelete WhatsApp conversions from all iTunes and iCloud backups created over time. Each conversation is saved in a folder, along with the contact’s number. Group chats are also saved in one common folder.

If you need to restore your WhatsApp messages on an iPhone, first make a backup of your iPhone, and purchase either the Basic or Premium license. Activate your license in the app, and log into your iTunes or iCloud backups. If you have made older backups, you can recover WhatsApp messages and files from there as well.

In the app, select WhatsApp in the App view and click Extract. This will move your WhatsApp chats and files into the iPhone Backup Extractor, where you can preview them. Next, you can either recover files individually or download the entire WhatsApp backup on your computer. Read below for concrete instructions.
You will need
alt Computer (Mac or Windows)
alt iCloud account, backup and credentials
alt Or an iTunes backup (alternate method)
alt iPhone Backup Extractor
Recover WhatsApp messages from iCloud backups

1. Download the iPhone Backup Extractor and connect it to the iCloud Download and install the latest version of the iPhone Backup Extractor for Windows or Mac. Sign up for a free account with us by clicking “Activate”. This will give you access to a demo account you can play with before you purchase.

In the right hand side menu, right at the bottom, there’s a "+" button. Click on it and, once again, click on the “+” button in that window to add either an iCloud account or an itunes backup.

If your iPhone or device is connected via an USB cable to your computer, the device will show up automatically in the devices list.

Select the iCloud tab and add your credentials to authenticate with your account.

For iCloud support you will need a subscription plan. Use the Premium plan if you need to obtain data from 5 devices or less.

2. Select the iCloud backup and download it

From the left tab, select the iCloud or iTunes backup you wish to explore first. It can be your most recent one or the one made before you deleted something important from WhatsApp.

From ”Categories” or “App View” check the “WhatsApp” tab and start downloading the backup.

Sometimes you may need to download multiple backups to finally find the file or chat you are looking for. IT’s important to note that the “Download” button opens a Window where you can choose the location for your extracted files. Once the download is completed, you need to open that folder yourself and go through each file.

3. Extract and recover WhatsApp data

Once downloaded, the contents of your iCloud backup can also be easily previewed using the "Preview" tab. This is especially useful for when you want to recover one deleted picture at a time from your WhatsApp conversations.

Each file can be recovered individually, whether it’s a picture or an entire conversation. You do not need to save the entire backup on your machine. You can simply extract individual files.

To save locally the entire WhatsApp backup, select the downloaded backup and click on “WhatsApp” in “Overview”. Choose to recover your messages as HTML files and find a location for data extraction. That’s it!

Attached images and videos are extracted in a separate “Data” folder. HTML files can be opened with any modern web browser.

How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages 1. iCloud sign-in.
Guide: recover deleted WhatsApp messages from iCloud backups 2. The WhatsApp messages and attachments are downloaded from the iCloud.
Guide: Recover  WhatsApp messages from iPhone 3. Download complete. The data from the iCloud file can be used as an usual iTunes backup.
Tutorial: Recover deleted WhatsApp messages 4. Extract WhatsApp messages as HTML.
Guide: Retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages 5. The WhatsApp data is successfully recovered.

Other things to consider

1. For deleted WhatsApp data, use older backups generated before the data was deleted

2. For most recent data, back-up your current files before starting the data extraction process

3. If you need to preview your files, simply got to the "Preview" tab

4. For iCloud accounts protected with an additional 2FA support, use this guide.

Download the Free version of the iPhone Backup extractor on your computer, install it and see how it works. Buy a Basic license for iTunes support or a Premium plan for iCloud support.
Supported devices and iOS versions

alt Works with all iOS devices iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5, 5C, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, 6S, 6S Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
alt All iOS's are covered iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8, iOS 7 and lower
alt All types of backups Encrypted backup, Corrupted backup, iCloud backup, 2FA iCloud backup

Data privacy and security With more than eight years of experience, iPhone Backup Extractor is trusted by government, law enforcement, and security organisations.

iPhone Backup Extractor is clean of adware, viruses, or spyware. We don't persist or store any iOS data or credentials either.
Fully compatible with all iOS versions 2FA support Compatible with both iTunes and iCloud backups
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You are currently learning about recovering and extracting WhatsApp messages and attachments from iCloud and iTunes backups.

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