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Recover lost contacts from iPhone or iPad

How to recover contacts from iTunes or iCloud backups. Learn the best method to retrieve the contacts from any iPhone or iPad.

Why use iPhone Backup Extractor for contacts recovery
Recover all contacts
  • VCF or CSV extraction
  • All contacts are recovered
Full compatibility
  • Support for all iOS versions
  • Compatible with all iDevices
Extract data in any situation
  • iTunes or iCloud backups
  • Lost or stolen iPhones
What you will recover
Have you just lost all of your business contacts or the contact details of all people you've met over the years, including that one really helpful handyman you hired last Christmas?

No problem, follow the steps below to recover them from older iTunes or iCloud backups.
You will need
Win Mac A computer (running Windows or Mac)
iCloud An iCloud backup and login credentials
iTunes An iTunes backup
iPBE iPhone Backup Extractor Home or Personal
Recover contacts from iCloud

1. Download iPhone Backup Extractor

Create a new iCloud backup with your contacts. Install the latest version of the iPhone Backup Extractor and open it. To retrieve data from iCloud backups, a subscription license is required (Premium plan).

Click the “Plus” button, click on the “iCloud” tab, and connect to your iCloud account. The connection is completely secure and encrypted.

2. Download and preview your iCloud backup

Select the most recent iCloud backup from the left tab. Make sure it contains the contacts you want to retrieve. If it doesn't, try downloading an older one.

From “Categories” tab, select “Contacts” and start downloading your data. Wait until the backup is downloaded on your computer.

3. Recover all your contacts

Select the downloaded iCloud backup file from the left tab.

Click on the "Contacts" tab and make sure you choose a folder to save the retrieved contacts.

Contacts are automatically saved as CSV and VCard files, which can be easily imported on your devices.

Recover lost contacts from iPhone or iPad 1. iCloud sign-in
Guide: Recover deleted contacts from iPhone or iPad 2. The contacts are downloaded from the iCloud
Guide: Retrieve deleted contacts from iPhone or iPad 3. The contacts are downloaded, locally
Tutorial: Recover deleted contacts from iPhone or iPad 4. Contacts extraction
Tutorial: Get back deleted contacts from iPhone or iPad 5. Extraction successful

For iTunes backups
If you have recently deleted contacts and you need to recover them, you can use an older iTunes backup to recover them. The method is very similar to the one above. iPhone Backup Extractor works with unencrypted and encrypted backups (the password is required).

Open iPhone Backup Extractor and select the iTunes backup with your contacts. A subscription plan is required if the backup is encrypted.

Use the instructions provided in the third step above and save your old contacts as vCard or CSV files.

Supported iOS versions, backups and devices

Devices Works with all iOS devices iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5, 5C, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, 6S, 6S Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
iOS All iOSs are covered iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8, iOS 7 and lower
All backups All types of backups Corrupted backup, Encrypted backup, iCloud backup, 2FA iCloud backup

Data privacy and security With clients like IBM, Microsoft or NASA, Reincubate uses the strictest data privacy laws. All the connections used for data transfer are encrypted and users’s credentials are never stored on any server.

iPhone Backup Extractor is regularly checked and doesn't contain any form of spyware or viruses.
Works with iTunes and iCloud backups Data protection 100% compatibility with all iOS versions
Want to learn more?

You are currently learning about retrieving contacts from iTunes and iCloud backups. Our tool can help you extract data from various other data categories.

iPhone Backup Extractor can be used to retrieve data from lost iPhones, apps or encrypted backups. The restrictions PIN and your lost data can also be recovered by using iPhone Backup Extractor.

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