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Article updated in September 2017

Hey there, thanks for reading this short tutorial on how to use our Sample John Appleseed iCloud account to test drive Premium capabilities.

I am the Customer Experience Lead at Reincubate, and I’ve written this to help you discover premium features without purchasing the Premium license:

  1. Recover deleted messages, files, chats and data from iCloud backups
  2. Test-drive Restrictions PIN recovery

Before we jump to it, let me assure you that test-driving this iCloud account is 100% secure. We have created this account and populated it with lots of files and data. It will help you understand how iPhone Backup Extractor Premium works.

Let’s get started. Download the latest version of iPhone Backup Extractor, first. We always add new features.


It’s a good idea to sign up with us, even if you’re not ready to buy a license. When you sign up, you get a free sneak peek into all devices associated to your current iCloud account.

Right at the top, where it says sample, there’s a John Appleseed iCloud account.

Click on Show me - the tour really lasts as much as you want to, but usually 4 minutes is enough. Because this is a test account we have made, there’s no need to log in. The account is has completely fictional data, photos and entries.


Next, you have the option to download data categories, the entire backup, or files from specific applications. Check out the three views: Overview, Preview, Expert Mode and App View.

The backup should take less than 10 minutes to download, depending on your internet connection. Once it’s finished, extract files, then save them, preview them or just enjoy further playing with John’s account.


Our Sample account is there to help you decide which plan you need to purchase, and illustrate just how easy it is to get your deleted files back with iPhone Backup Extractor.


To recover all your iCloud data see our guide here >> .

I hope this was helpful. If not, do send me an email, I would really like to know what I can do to make your experience better.

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