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If your iPhone is stolen, missing or simply unavailable, there is a way to extract your Viber messages from a backup file.

Many iPhone users find Viber as one of the best ways to engage in individual messaging, video calls or group chats. Viber has more than 600 million users of the platform: if you’re one of them and you accidently deleted or lost your Viber messages, continue reading and follow these simple steps to extract Viber messages from your backup files.

How to extract deleted or lost Viber messages from an iPhone backup

Here’s a summary on how to retrieve Viber messages from your iPhone backup file with the iPhone Backup Extractor:

  • Step 1. Install the iPhone Backup Extractor
  • Step 2. Add the backup file to recover from
  • Step 3. View and extract Viber messages

Recover Viber messages iPhone

You will need:

  • An iCloud or iTunes backup to recover from
  • iPhone Backup Extractor software for Mac OS X or Windows

Retrieve Viber messages from iPhone backup file

Before you begin, please make sure that you have an iCloud or iTunes backup saved prior to the moment you lost or deleted your Viber messages.

To find out when was the latest iCloud backup saved, go to Settings > iCloud > Backup. If iCloud Backup is "on", below you’ll see the date of your last backup. Don’t click "Backup now" as this will overwrite your backup. Before continuing with the steps below, make sure that your iPhone will not overwrite your latest backup (usually, iCloud backups are done automatically when the iPhone is Wi-Fi connected to the Internet, locked or plugged into a power source).

To find out when your last iTunes backup was done and where is located, check where iTunes backups are stored on your computer.

Steps to recover Viber messages from iPhone backups

Follow this step by step guide to retrieve your Viber conversations from the iPhone backup.

Step 1. Download and install the iPhone Backup Extractor

You can use either the Mac OS X or the Windows version. The software supports all previous and current iOS versions, including iOS 9.3.

To extract all Viber messages you’ll need an iPhone Backup Extractor subscription.

Step 2. Add the backup file from where you’ll recover your Viber chat history

You can select either an iCloud or iTunes backup:

For iCloud: Click on the lowest left button called “Add backups” (Windows). Select “iCloud” window, tick the circle corresponding to your iOS version and click on “Add”. You will then be asked to type in your iCloud details: username and password.

add backup icloud

Go to the left window, under "Devices", click on the iCloud backup from which you want to recover Viber conversations. In the right window, choose “Categories” tab and select "Everything Else". Click the "Download" button. The download may take some time depending on how much data is stored on your backup.

Extract everything else

For iTunes: iPhone Backup Extractor will automatically read all backups located in the default folder. If your backups are saved in a different location, you’ll need to add the folder by clicking on the left button “Add backups”, “General” window.

For encrypted iTunes backups, you will be required to provide your backup password.

Step 3. View and extract Viber messages

In the left window, under your device, select the backup you’ve just added: iCloud backups will have an icon as a cloud with an arrow pointing down, while iTunes backups will have an icon looking like musical notes inside a circle. The pictures below will show an example from an iCloud backup.

Depending on what you’d like to extract from your backup, you have 3 options:

  • If you want to preview the Viber conversations list from the backup, in the right window choose “Preview”. In case you’d like to recover just a few messages, you can check them and click “Extract”.
    You will need to choose between CSV and HTML file types (CSV will save them all in one text file, while HTML will save them in separate files where you can see the images). Choose a location to save the files, click “OK” when the “Extraction successful” message appears and that’s it!

  • Messages preview iCloud
  • If you’d like to extract complete Viber files, in the right window, go to App View > Viber > All messages. Choose the location where you want to save the data and after the “Extraction successful” appears, click “OK”.

  • Recover Viber messages appview
  • If you already have the Viber chats archive and you’d like to convert it to a html or csv file, go to “File” and you’ll find in the menu 2 alternatives: Convert Viber DB to HTML or to CSV. Choose the Viber database that you wish to convert and click “Open”, select the location where you’d like to save the new file and click “OK”.

  • Extract file menu

If you have any questions or need help, we’ll gladly assist you, just email our support team. You can also visit our support page for frequently asked questions.

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