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Raise your hand if you’ve ever deleted, lost or couldn’t access Kik messages from your iPhone. Kik conversations are important, and in case something happens with your data, you’ll want to make sure you can recover it.

Well, there’s good news: if you have an iPhone backup created before the moment you deleted or lost your Kik information, you’ll be able to get all your messages back.

Below you’ll find a few easy steps to recover your Kik data from iPhone, whether you have a iTunes backup or iCloud.


Get your Kik conversations back

Kik doesn't store conversations on their servers, so it’s not possible to restore messages directly from the application. However, using your backups you can get your info back.

If you only want to retrieve your Kik data, please note that you shouldn’t restore a backup to your iPhone, as this would remove the records created after the moment that backup was taken.

Depending on your backup, here are the 2 options to retrieve Kik messages: iCloud and iTunes.

1. Recover Kik conversations from iCloud

To check what’s your latest iCloud backup, go to Settings > iCloud > Backup. If iCloud Backup is "on", you’ll find below the date of your last backup. Don’t hit "Backup now" as this will overwrite your backup.

If you have an iCloud backup, you should be able to get back all your Kik messages and message attachments with the iPhone Backup Extractor. Before doing this, check that your iPhone will not overwrite your most recent backup. For this, make sure your phone is not charging or USB connected. Normally iCloud backups are done automatically when the iPhone is Wi-Fi connected to the Internet, locked or plugged into a power source.

Follow these steps to get your Kik messages back:

Step 1. Download and install the iPhone Backup Extractor for Mac OS X or Windows (supports previous and current iOS versions, including iOS 10)

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Step 2. Under Preferences > iCloud, click on "Access iCloud backups for iOS 9, iOS 10 and above". You’ll find "Preferences" on the top navigation menu, under "File". Or you can click the lowest left button called "Add backups" (Windows) or the "+" button (Mac OS X).

Access iCloud

Step 3. Go to the upper left menu, "Password needed", and sign in to iCloud. Alternatively, you can click on the lowest left button Add backups > iCloud > Add. You will be required to type in your iCloud info: username and password.

Step 4. In the left window list, under "Devices", click on the iCloud backup from which you’d like to recover Kik data. You will have 3 tabs for inspecting you backup: Categories, Individual Files and Full Backup. Go to "Categories" and select "Everything Else". Click the "Download" button and wait for the files to download.

Select Everything Else iCloud

Step 5. When the "Download is complete" window opens, click "OK".

In the left window, under your device, select the backup you’ve just built – should have an icon as a cloud with an arrow pointing down.

In the right pane:

  • Go to Preview > Kik if you’d like to preview the list of messages from the backup. If you want to recover only a few messages, check them and click ‘Extract’. You will be asked to choose CSV or HTML type of files (CSV choice will save all your messages in one file as text, while HTML choice will save them in different files, letting you to open them in a browser). Choose a location to save the data and click OK when you see "Extraction successful" message.
  • Preview iCloud clicks

  • Go to App View > Kik > All messages if you’d like to extract all your Kik conversations from the backup. Choose a location to save the data and click "OK" when you see ‘’Extraction successful’’ message.
  • App View

2. Recover Kik conversations from iTunes

Not sure where to find your iTunes backup? Check where iTunes backups are stored on your computer.

If your iTunes backup was done previous to the moment when you deleted your Kik messages, then you will be able to retrieve all your Kik data using the iPhone Backup Extractor. Simply follow these steps:

Step 1. Download and install the iPhone Backup Extractor for Mac OS X or Windows (supports previous and current iOS versions, including iOS 10) To extract Kik full data from your unencrypted iTunes backup, or if your backup is encrypted, you’ll need to buy a licence of the iPhone Backup Extractor.

Step 2. If your backup is located in the default folder, iPhone Backup Extractor will automatically read it. If not, you need to add the folder by clicking on the "Add backups" button.

Add backups iTunes

If you have more than one backups in this folder, chose the one you want to recover Kik messages from, using the dropdown left menu. For encrypted iTunes backups, you will need to provide your backup password.

Step 3. You should be able to see the number of Kik messages found in your backup:

  • Under the Preview section, Kik. If you only want to recover a few messages, select them and click "Extract". You will then need to choose between CSV (text) and HTML (images). We'd recommend you extract your data in HMTL format, as it is easiest to read. Choose the location you’d like to save them at, and that’s it!
  • iTunes extract Kik preview
  • If you want to retrieve more than few messages, go to App View section, select Kik and you’ll see the total number of messages found on the backup. Click "All messages" and choose between CSV and HTML (CSV to read as text all messages in one file, HTML to be able to view them in original format). Select a location to export them and then just enjoy browsing your Kik messages!
  • iTunes extract Kik messages app view

If you have any questions during any step, we will gladly help, just contact our expert support team.

Aside Kik messages, we support data recovery from WhatsApp, SnapChat, Viber, Line and WeChat. Being the app data recovery company, we are committed to making available a broader range of applications for our customers.

Bonus: how to extract the Kik database manually

For users who would like to extract the SQLite database, go to "Expert Mode" to recover the backup files with hex-encoded SHA1 hashes.

Depending on your Kik version, they can be found in one of the 2 paths:

  • Application Domains > > Documents > kik.sqlite. The hash for the database is 8e281be6657d4523710d96341b6f86ba89b56df
  • The other path is different for each device: Application Domains -> -> cores -> private -> random hexadecimal characters -> kik.sqlite. Since the hash is obtained from the domain and path, the hash will be different for different devices.
iCloud Expert Mode Sqlite

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