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You extracted your contacts from the iTunes backup with the iPhone Backup Extractor after your phone took a dive. So what now? All you need to do is make sure you extracted the file as a CSV, and you can now import it to your Mac computer Address Book for safe-keeping.

extract contacts csv

Extract CSV contacts from iTunes backup with iPhone Backup Extractor for Mac

OK, first things first, you need to extract the contacts from your iTunes backup using our iPhone Backup Extractor software. This is as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Install Mono so you can open iPhone Backup Extractor on your Mac. You can also run our software with Parallels, Crossover or Virtual Box.
  • Run the iPhone Backup Extractor for Mac and click the "File" menu, where you will find the options to "Convert contacts DB to CSV". Or you can use the "Extract" menu to "Extract contacts as CSV".
  • Save the contacts to your computer, and presto! You can go on and import them to Mac Address Book.

  • Import iPhone contacts to your Mac Address Book

    To import the contacts CSV file to the Mac Address Book application, you will need to set a new group first and then choose the correct settings to save the contacts. Read on how easy it is to import your iPhone contacts:

    1. Open the Mac Address Book ("Contacts" in the Launchpad) and create a "New Group" using the "File" drop-down menu

    2. new contacts group

    3. Give the new group a name, say "iPhone contacts"

    4. new group name

    5. Highlight the new group. In the drop-down menu, select "Import"

    6. import contacts

    7. Find the extracted contacts CSV file with your iPhone contacts, double-click it and choose "Open"

    8. extracted contacts csv

    9. If the CSV file does not include header columns, uncheck the "Ignore first card" box.

    10. ignore first card

    11. Click "OK" and voilà! Your contacts should now be imported to your Mac!

    12. imported contacts

    And if the possibility of ever losing your contacts again gives you the chills, you can always back up your Mac Address Book for safety. The contents of the Mac computer can be easily synced with the phone if you ever need it.

    Windows users should check out our guide on how to import contacts from CSV into Outlook and how to import vCard contacts into Gmail. Last but not least, here is our guide on how to recover iTunes contacts on Windows with the iPhone Backup Extractor for dummies, enjoy!

    Have you had trouble importing CSV files to the Mac Address Book? Let us know if this guide helps you out!

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