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UPDATE: Check out a newer and more detailed article on this topic here

The latest version of the iPhone Backup Extractor gives you the option to extract WhatsApp messages from your iTunes and iCloud backup! Download your backup files, then hit "Extract" and have your WhatsApp chats and attachments saved to your computer in a few seconds!

WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp with your iPhone backup

Messages exchanged with your friends, family or work contacts are important and you might want to read them later on. But what if the backup just won't restore, or you lost your iPhone and desperately need to recover WhatsApp messages out of the backup? The iPhone Backup Extractor is here to help! WhatsApp chats are stored in your iTunes or iCloud backups as app data and can be accessed instantly with our app. Just:

  1. Download and install the iPhone Backup Extractor from this page
  2. Choose the iTunes or iCloud backup file you wish to extract from
  3. In “Overview” mode click the "WhatsApp" quick link OR use the "Extract" menu to select WhatsApp chats. You have to choose between CSV and HTML file formats. Notice that you’ll be able to extract the attachments as well if you select the HTML format
  4. Choose the folder where you wish to save the messages
  5. WhatsApp messages will be saved to the output folder on your computer (remember, you can also email yourself WhatsApp chats for safe-keeping)

And that's it, folks! Comment below to tell us if you like the Whatsapp extraction feature! What other data would you want to extract from your iTunes or iCloud backup?

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