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Have you deleted your iPhone text messages and want to get them back? Recovering deleted data depends on whether this data has been backed up successfully or not.

When an SMS is deleted from an iPhone, it’s not removed entirely from the file. Instead, the space is recycled for new messages or data. Although texts are deleted from the database store, and thus can't be restored fully, it’s possible to retrieve these orphaned data if you act quickly.

Delete iPhone iMessages

Registered iPhone Backup Extractor users can send us their sms.db file and we will do our best to recover readable fragments. Contact our expert support team at

Recover deleted messages with iPhone Backup Extractor

The first most important step to do ASAP, in case of deleted text messages, is to create an iTunes backup.

Deleted fragments can be overwritten over time while the file is being used on the iPhone, so deterioration can happen rapidly. Creating a backup as soon as possible after deleting your text messages will increase the chances there are more data to be recovered. If you have an active iCloud account and automatic backups are active, it’s best to disconnect the iPhone from the Internet, before the sms.db file is overwritten.

If you have an iTunes backup handy, made prior to deletion, you can easily extract your messages using our software. Just download the latest version of the iPhone Backup Extractor, load your backup, then click on the SMS option under the 'Available data' section.

If your backup was made after deleting the messages, you will see, when using our backup recovery software, you have 0 messages displayed under Available data. This happens because 'available' deleted messages fragments aren't visible in the sms.db file and you can't restore or extract them easily.

iPhone Backup Extractor recover deleted messages

Extracting deleted messages backup data, the forensic way!

We, at the iPhone Backup Extractor, have over eight years of smartphone backup extraction experience and are respected innovators and experts in the field, serving thousands of users from around the world. Recovering deleted text messages is one of the many forensic tasks our expert customer service is handling.

If you find yourself in the situation of recovering deleted messages, here you’ll find a recent guide about how to retrieve your SMS messages and attachments from an iOS 10 backup.

Do you have any restored data stories you wish to share? Has our software helped you in any way so far? Would you like to see the recovering deleted messages feature added to the iPhone Backup Extractor software?

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