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This post was updated in May 2017

Many people put a high value on securing their data and use the encrypted data option when creating their iTunes backups. But what happens when iTunes can no longer restore or access these backups and you need to extract your data?

Up to now, recovering data directly from an encrypted iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad backup created via iTunes on a Mac OS X computer has not been possible. As market leaders in this field Reincubate has further developed its iPhone Backup Extractor for Mac software to now support encrypted iTunes backup on Mac OS X. This gives Mac users the best collective suite of backup tools to extract data off their iTunes backup. iPhone Backup Extractor for Mac currently recovers deleted or lost data from both unencrypted and encrypted iTunes backups. The latest version of the iPhone Backup Extractor for Mac supports all iOS backups, including the iOS 10 and iOS 11 beta iTunes backups.

Important: To get full access to encrypted iTunes backups you’ll need a subscription plan. The Lite and Basic Editions are useful for non-technical users and light data recovery, as it will recovers a limited number of files and database entries from your encrypted iOS backup.

Warning: If you encrypt an iPhone/ iPod/ iPad backup in iTunes and then forget your password, you will not be able to restore from backup or read the backup with our software, and your data will be unrecoverable. Make sure it's a password you will remember or write it down for safekeeping.

Some Basic Things You Can and Can't Do With Your iTunes Backup Data When Encryption is Enabled

Restore with iTunes Restore if you don't know your password
Read the encrypted backup with iPhone Backup Extractor for Windows or Mac Fully read your encrypted backup if it got corrupted.
But you CAN contact our expert support team at [email protected] for helpful tips and tricks
Save locally on your computer encrypted backup data such as photos, contacts, SMS,
videos, notes, location data, WhatsApp messages and more
Recover data when you lose your backup's password.
However, check Apple's troubleshooting encrypted backups guide
Access your encrypted iTunes iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad backup
with iPhone Backup Extractor Premium Edition
Access your encrypted iTunes iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad backup
with the iPhone Backup Extractor Basic Edition
(supports only limited to four files data extraction of encrypted iTunes backups)

To read encrypted iTunes/ iOS backups with the help of our iPhone Backup Extractor Pro software for Mac you will need to:

  1. Download and launch and install the latest version of our iPhone Backup Extractor for Mac

  2. Install and Launch iPhone Backup Extractor

  3. Load your encrypted iTunes / iOS backup. The software will automatically load the backups from your 'default backup folder' from the most recent to the oldest one. Otherwise, you can browse for backups from other locations using the “Add backups” button in the app and 'Select another backup folder'.

  4. Unlock your encrypted backup by typing your backup's password. The iPhone Backup Extractor will only work if you remember your password, otherwise if the password is incorrect, it simply won't open your backup.

  5. Unlock your encrypted iTunes backup

  6. Extract your encrypted backup Available Data using the 'File' and 'Extract' menu, clicking the number under the 'Available data' categories or by using the Expert Mode.

  7. Extract your encrypted iTunes iOS backup

Read more on how to recover encrypted iPhone, iPad or iPod backups on Windows

For any issues in recovering data from your encrypted backup with our iPhone Backup Extractor why not ? We are friendly and experienced in iOS backup recovery.

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