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There's little time now until the World Wide Developers Conference on June 11th at San Francisco when all eyes will be on the Apple OS X Mountain Lion and iCloud keynote presentation.

Upcoming iOS 6 beta

The 9to5mac app developer found proof of the upcoming iOS 6 beta in the code strings of the beta website, when pulling analytic reports on download and usage statistics. With these rumours it's no wonder that we think there might be a yet unannounced iOS 6 beta launched at the same time as the iCloud update emerges from beta. So, we might see Apple unveiling the new iOS 6 at the WWMC 2012. That's just a couple of weeks away, isn't it?

Apple moves away from using Google Maps in next iOS 6

Apple wants to put an end to using Google Maps and pick an in-house solution Maps. This won't be a very big surprise since we've seen Apple doing a similar thing with iPhoto. Having an Apple backend on their maps is good choice for Apple, not to mention the introduction of a powerful 3D mode which looks pretty awesome. Check out a sample of the 3D technology that Apple will use on their Maps service.

Possible New Features in iOS 6 and iCloud

  • Web apps for Reminder and Notes to iCloud
  • Maps application with an incredible 3D mode.
  • Videos and photos - Instagram niche that will allow you to share/edit/comment on photos
  • Siri for iPad

Will iOS 6 further define iCloud? Will we finally see FB integration in iOS 6, more Siri location services, more supported video formats? What would you like to see from the new iOS 6? You can answer below or on our FB Page Poll.

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