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Have you lost your iPhone and you're wondering what to do next? Here's what we recommend:

1. Make sure you really have lost it!

This may sound silly, but even if you feel sure it's not there, it pays to check again in a few of the places where you might have left your phone. Try your bag or your coat.

Try calling your phone, too. You may hear it ring. Or someone else may hear it and answer!

2. Report the loss

  • Call your network provider (AT&T, O2, etc.) so that they can de-activate your SIM. In some countries they'll be able to blacklist the IMEI, too, to prevent other people in your country using your phone.
  • Report your phone as lost to the local police where you last saw your phone.<
  • If you have iPhone insurance, contact your insurance company to report the loss.
  • Report the loss to Apple. If someone registers your phone they may be able to tell you who it is so that you can pass this information on to the police.

3. Change your passwords

If your iPhone might give someone access to private accounts such as email accounts, change the passwords on those accounts.

4. Monitor for unauthorized usage

Log into your network account to check your usage and monitor for any further calls.

5. Recover your information

The information on your phone may have been synced with other programs such as Outlook, but if not, all is not lost. Every time you sync your iPhone with your computer, iTunes makes a backup of your iPhone. We provide a piece of software that will let you access what's in this backup: the iPhone Backup Extractor.

6. Get a new phone

On the bright side of things, perhaps it's time to treat yourself to a shiny new phone?

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