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The iPhone 5, the most debated and anticipated Apple gadget of them all, looks like it to be waterproofed. We think it’s pretty interesting not to be able to water damage your iPhone anymore? Yes, this is the kind of practical day to day rumour that we would want implemented and available in the next generation of iPhone.

2017 update: We have released a guide on how to recover data from water damaged iPhones

In 2011 Apple changed policy on water-damaged iPhones and iPods, due to receiving too many returned devices

It probably happened to all of us or someone we know. It’s not unusual to hear someone say “I’d dropped my phone into the toilet”, “I went wakeboarding with my phone in my shorts at the beach”, “I spilled ice tea on my phone” and so on. This might be resolved this year by bringing “WaterBlock” Technology into the new iPhone. HzO’s proprietary WaterBlock is cutting-edge technology that protects valuable digital electronics from their number one nemesis: H2O. Powerful and invisible, WaterBlock protects devices on a molecular scale, in fact by use of a nanotech spray coating safely protecting the iPhone’s inner workings, so you can breathe easy should a water hazard arise.

Hz0 WaterBlock Technology

Apple will probably find this to be a good investment as the water damage repairs and returns will decrease rapidly once technology is implemented. Not to mention less unhappy iPhone customers wishing they had insured their device a month earlier. Do you have a water-damage story that missed the boat on this technology, let us know?

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