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Recover deleted text messages from your iCloud account in iOS 11

Catalin Nichita

by Catalin Nichita

Read our full guide to recovering iPhone messages and attachments from iCloud and iTunes backups

Are you excited about the iOS 11 launch in September, or are you already testing the next iOS beta release? Either way, you’re probably already preparing for all of those frustrating situations when a failed upgrade simply deletes your messages the moment you need them the most, right?

Well, if you’re wondering whether you can recover your messages with the iPhone Backup Extractor on the new iOS 11, the answer is - yes, we’ve got you covered - the newest update of our iPhone Backup Extractor is fully compatible with any iOS 11 iCloud backup or previous iOS version. First, here’s a short video of how it works:

When do you need to retrieve lost iPhone messages?

Messages don’t just disappear from your iPhone, do they? Unfortunately they can, and for many reasons like:

  • You might have deleted them from your device by mistake
  • Wiped due to an incomplete or buggy iOS software update
  • Corrupted database caused by a dead battery
  • If you’ve completely damaged your iPhone

Our simple guide to recovering all your iOS messages from iCloud backups

Follow the steps below, and you’ll be able to retrieve deleted, corrupted, encrypted, or inaccessible messages, including attached images and videos, in just a few minutes:

  1. Download the Lite version of the iPhone Backup Extractor for Windows or Mac and install it.
  2. Be sure you have an iCloud account activated on your iPhone and an iCloud backup generated. Open the iPhone Backup Extractor and click on "Add backups", then add your iCloud account by using your existing credentials. Do you have the two-step verification enabled? No worries, this guide to recovering from data from backups with 2FA will help you.
  3. Congratulations, now you can see all your devices on the left hand side! Select the one you want to recover your messages from, click on the cloud icon underneath, then select the SMS option on your right hand side. Click Download, and you’re one step away from safely viewing and saving your recovered messages.

  4. Download SMS iCloud backup
  5. Choose how to save and preview your recovered messages
  6. Great, the hardest part is over. You’ve successfully managed to select the messages you want recovered, and frantically clicked the Download button. Things are about to get better though.

    The iPhone Backup Extractor gives you 4 handy options for previewing and saving your recovered messages from your iOS 10 iCloud Backup: Overview, Preview, App View and Expert Mode:

    • The default option is “Overview” - simply click on the blue “Extract” link, then choose to recover messages as HTML or CSV. Once you select the format and pick a folder for extraction, your SMS messages will be recovered on your computer. The attachments will be extracted (in a separate folder) if you choose the HTML option. If you pick the CSV option, the messages will be extracted as texts, without any attachments. Other ways to extract attached images and videos: go back to Overview and click on the blue links for Photos and Videos to save them separately.

    • Recover iMessages in overview mode
    • The “Preview” allows you to browse through the messages you need recovered, and select those you want recovered by phone number. Make sure you select “Show only deleted”, to view deleted messages, the click extract. Just like with Overview, choose between HTML and CSV.

    • Recover messages preview mode
    • On “App View” mode click on “SMS” then click on the link next to “All SMS”. You’ll be prompted to choose the format again, and the folder in which your recovered messages will be saved.

    • Retrieve messages in App view
    • In “Expert Mode” you’ll have a tree structure with data associated with the messages. The SMS database is located in Home Domain > Library > SMS > sms.db and the attachments are available on Media Domain > Library > SMS > Attachments. Select a folder where you need to recover the messages database and their attachments and click on “Extract”. The SMS attachments and the SMS database are now saved on your computer.

    • Recover SMS expert mode

We are here to help you recover any type of data

We’ve been constantly improving our iPhone backup extraction tool based on feedback from millions users. Today, our technology makes it possible for our users to recover more data than ever before, reset forgotten passcodes, and retrieve your chat history for Whatsapp, Kik, Wechat, viber and more. Our helpdesk team is constantly rated as one of the best on TrustPilot, and we are always the first to support new versions of iOS, including iOS betas.

Questions? Get in touch @reincubate.

Catalin Nichita

by Catalin Nichita on , last updated

We've helped over 3,000,000 people recover their lost iPhone data. Let us help you too.

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