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How to extract missing photos from an iPhone backup

Aidan Fitzpatrick

by Aidan Fitzpatrick

If you’re searching for a quick way to extract your photos from an iPhone or iPad backup (as created by iTunes or in the iCloud), here are a few simple steps to follow:

1. Run iPhone Backup Extractor and click to "Extract Photos"

Run iPhone Backup Extractor select the backup with the data and then click on the link that shows you the number of photos in your backup, just below "Available data", on "Overview" tab. In the example below, there are 152 images. There is also the possibility to choose the "Preview" mode, which allows you to extract the images from the backup.

Extract photos overview mode

2. Select a destination folder for your extracted images

Choose a folder where you'd like to extract the photos. To keep things simple you may like to create a new folder on your desktop.

Select destination folder

3. Select the extraction method

Once the location is chosen, you’ll be asked how you want data to be extracted. You have two options: either you extract the photos grouped by albums or you extract all of them in the same folder. Make your choice, then extract the photos from your backup into the folder you selected.

Images grouped by album

4. Open the destination folder

After the extraction is finished, open the folder you selected earlier. The recovered photos should be there. That’s all!

How to transfer photos from computer to iPhone

To put your photos back onto your iPhone you'll need to get them into iCloud, then sync your device with the iCloud. Here's a guide to transfer photos from a computer to your iPhone using the iCloud. Another option is to use iTunes to transfer the images on your device using the procedure described in this guide.

Aidan Fitzpatrick

by Aidan Fitzpatrick on , last updated

We've helped over 3,000,000 people recover their lost iPhone data. Let us help you too.

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Comments (6)

Wow. I can't believe it I wish I'd know this was around when my phone got stolen and I lost all the data on it last year, funny thing is I can see that backup so I'll see whats on there. This works and it's good well worth the money. Totally recommended

Will this work with "sync'd" data (specifically the camera roll photos), or do you have to have performed a manual "back up" for iphone backup extractor to work?

You'll need a backup, as created by iTunes. Reach out if we can help!

ALL I CAN SAY IS WWWOOOOWWWW!! I thought all my stuff was gone after I had to do a full restore on my iphone. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWWOWOWOW!!! This is SOOOOO worth it! U GUYS ROCK LIKE A MOUNTAIN!

I have used iPhone Backup Extractor and extract my lost photos from my iPohone. It is a powerful and user friendly software.

  • I have an Iphone 3
  • I inadvertently upgraded my Iphone software without realizing that it would result in restoring my phone the factory settings
  • As a result, I lost all of my contacts and photos. (Photos are my top priority)
  • I had about 6 or 7 hundred photos on the Iphone.
  • The most important pictures were taken about 15 months ago
  • ** All of the photos were on my Iphone yesterday
  • In other words, all the photos were deleted at the same time
  • Will this product be able to recover ALL of my photos?

Please advise,


Kevin: yes, so long as you'd backed up the phone, you should easily be able to recover all of your photos. Try the free version of our software and drop us a note if you have any problems. We'll be happy to help.

I used iPhone Backup Extractor and found it very easy to recover photos from my iphone.

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This is iPhone Backup Extractor, think of it as a "personal forensics" utility. It's pretty awesome.

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