Aidan Fitzpatrick
Published by Aidan Fitzpatrick,

Hello! We publish the popular iPhone Backup Extractor software which helps users to recover their data from iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch backups that iTunes automatically creates. Our software can rescue photographs, address books, call histories, text messages, voicemail, videos and all sorts of other interesting data. It's used by a wide range of people -- from stay-home parents to national crime and forensics centres around the world -- and is available in both free and registered versions.

The software was launched in mid-2008 when it was released as a simple script, and it was the first tool available for users to recover their data. Since then the complexity of Apple's backup formats has grown steadily, and we've continued to make the software easier and easier to use. The iPhone Backup Extractor runs on Windows, macOS and Linux, will work with any version of iTunes and any iPhone, iPad or iPod, and can extract data in powerful and flexible formats.

The software has proved particularly useful for users recently where they've been struggling with painful iOS upgrades or downgrades.

We're launching this blog as a resource to get a little more information out there on how users can recover their data when lost. If you're new to our software, you can download the free version.

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