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How to Download Photos from iCloud

Catalina Butnaru

by Catalina Butnaru

From the end of the 20th century until now we have seen many moments become important historical events; Sally Ride became the first woman in space; Nelson Mandela walked free; peace in Northern Ireland. SpaceX successfully launched and landed a commercial rocket. Breezes of change continue to blow across the globe as 5 million people march in recognition of Women’s Rights and Sikhs use their temple to house flood victims in Sacramento.

We love people, and photos, and people in photos. Even if it’s just March, some amazing things have already happened this year, and, unavoidably, some excellent, funny, beautiful photos and selfies were taken as a result.

The joy of creating memories inspired us to write this article on how to download your iCloud photos, which is useful to learn, especially if you do not want to upgrade your storage before you get a new iPhone 7 or 8.

We’re still waiting for the best animal selfies to break the internet on World Wildlife Day

on the 3rd of March...

Share your iCloud Photo Library

We recently added iCloud Photo Library support and you can find our guide here. The new feature can be used to fully download your iCloud Photo Library locally, make a full backup of your photos to Dropbox or other service you are already using, delete the files from iCloud and start all over again from scratch, without having to pay for additional storage for your associated iCloud account.

Another reason why you might want to download your iCloud Photo Library is because the iCloud ecosystem is fairly closed to Apple users, and - if your family or friends prefer using Android, it’s easier to share photos with them if you download the iCloud Photo Library, than if you ask them to make an iCloud account just to gain access.

Let’s get straight to it then. The process is easy, and it requires that you download the latest iPhone Backup Extractor and get a Premium license.

How to download photos from Photo Stream

If you’re not a Photo Library curator and you prefer to keep your images separate for each device then we can help you recover them from either a backup or Photo Stream.

  1. Download and install the iPhone Backup Extractor
  2. Activate your Premium license
  3. Add your iCloud account via the large green “+”. Then sign-in to your account to access your iCloud data.
  4. After the sign-in is complete you will see all of your iCloud data in the left-side pane; Photo Stream will be at the very top. To download your Photo Stream simply click on the Download button.
  5. Select a save location to recover your iCloud Photo Stream.
  6. Once the download has completed you will see either 1000 photos or pictures from the last 30 days.

Tip: Our Premium users can download the Photo Stream from an unlimited number of iCloud accounts without using any of their iCloud devices.

Top 5 best photos of 2017 so far

Now, the cherry on top, after you’ve learned how to download your collection of photos from the iCloud, let us brighten your day with a selection of the best 5 photos we’ve seen so far this year, on various occasions.

5. Allan, the “Animal whisperer” takes cutest animal selfies

Specializing in taking care of cute, cuddly animals, Allan grew an impressive following on Instagram, and now he’s back. His account is a heaven for all animal selfie and animal lovers, hence we believe he deserves to be on our list of best photos of 2017 so far.

Source: Instagram daxon

4. Women’s March best sign

The Women’s March saw a wide range of participants including, obviously, women, but also children, men and dogs. We all sense the ripples of history that were emanating from this event and the photos will be important memories. The 21st of January was a legendary day, but we found some hilarious #womensmarch signs, and arguably the one below is one of the best.


3. Mannie, the selfie-loving cat

Sometimes, when you barely get 7 likes on your new facebook profile, and see Mannie’s selfie breaking Instagram and making it to Mashable, you can’t help but wonder - do I need two dogs in the background as well?

Source: Instagram

2. Best fan taken selfie

This photo is so good, it looks rehearsed by everyone in the crowd at Bruce Springsteen’s concert.


1 Could this be yours?

It’s hard to make any picture the best picture ever, because every story is intense, unique and meaningful in its own way.

The Guardian newspaper has recently started a feature called the ‘Readers’ Picture Desk’. which will showcase the best amateur photographs on a weekly theme. The feature is not limited geographically and anyone can contribute. If you would like to contribute to these stories and make the world a little larger then you will need to perfect your ability to curate your best images.

However, if you insist, and because the Oscars just ended with a big blunder, here’s a picture that can make it to no #1 simply because, in the midst of all angst and shock surrounding the Best Picture award, someone decided to take the edge off. Surely, you don’t have to vandalise Matt Damon’s picture to make it to the top. Just be yourself!


Best software for iCloud data recovery?

iPhone Backup Extractor has a few more other data recovery features that you will find super useful. For example, you can recover any media file (photo, video, note, drawing) you've shared via popular messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Viber and Kik. Also, we've recently added Tinder messages recovery, just in case you think that might be useful!

We constantly work on releasing new features and innovations, and so far we have kept our promise.

The iPhone Backup Extractor is the first to work with iOS 10.3 (beta), and the first to support 2FA access to iCloud. If security is important to you, then using our tool is the safest thing to do.

Give it a try yourself, and download the latest iPhone Backup Extractor data recovery software. If you have questions, just send us a note at [email protected] or on live chat - we have a famously friendly and helpful customer support team.

Our helpdesk team is constantly rated as one of the best on

Catalina Butnaru

by Catalina Butnaru on , last updated

Nous avons aidé plus de 3 millions de gens à récupérer leurs données iPhone perdues. Laissez-nous vous aider aussi.

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