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With iOS 10, your iMessages will look nothing like they did before. They will support drawings, animations, handwriting and a new set of emojis. The entire experience will surely feel more lively and expressive. In addition to attachments, emojis and photos, drawings will give more meaning to the entire conversation.

As soon as it became available in iOS 10 beta, our expert team updated the iPhone Backup Extractor to support this feature. We are excited to announce that the newest version of our software allows you to preview, extract and recover iMessages drawings.

Recover drawings iOS 10

Drawings can be recovered using two methods: from an iTunes backup or a recent iCloud backup created in iOS 10.

Extract iMessages drawings from iTunes backups

If you need to retrieve your drawings from your iPhone or iPad, you can use an iTunes backup:

  1. Install the latest version of iTunes and generate a recent backup on your computer. If you already have a backup with your drawings, use it, as long as you know that you have the desired data on it.
  2. Download the iPhone Backup Extractor from our site and install it. Notice that you will need a subscription if you want to recover all your drawings. You can test the Lite Edition of our application but you will be able to retrieve a limited number of files.
  3. Open the iPhone Backup Extractor and select the iTunes data file in the left window. If you have an encrypted backup, don’t worry. You can retrieve data from it if you know the password used for encryption.
  4. Select iTunes backup
  5. For undeleted drawings, click on Messages in "Overview" and choose to extract your SMSs as HTML. You’ll find the drawings in a separate folder, labeled "Data". The format of the files is .SVG. You can open them with any major web browser.
  6. Extract messages HTML
  7. For deleted drawings, click on Images and recover your images grouped by albums. You’ll find your deleted drawings in Photos > SMS, as .PNG files.
  8. Recover images grouped

Recover iMessages drawings from an iCloud backup

An alternate method for drawings extraction is the iCloud method. If your iPhone or iPad is associated with an iCloud account, you can retrieve your data directly from your account:

  1. Generate an iCloud backup on your iPhone or iPad using these instructions.
  2. Download and install the iPhone Backup Extractor on your machine. Depending on your operating system, you should get the version for Windows or Mac. For iOS 10 iCloud support you will need a subscription plan.
  3. Open the application, click on the green Plus button, select the iCloud option and then add your credentials to get in touch with your iCloud data.
  4. From the left window, select the device associated with your deleted drawings. Check the "Messages" tab from Overview and start downloading your data.
  5. Download imessages iCloud
  6. Once the download process is finished, select the local iCloud backup file and extract your messages as HTML. In the "Data" folder you’ll find all your undeleted drawings, as SVG files. Download messages HTML
  7. For deleted ones, select and extract data from the Images tab. Choose to retrieve your images grouped by albums and confirm the action. That’s all! You’ll find your deleted drawings as PNG files into the Photos > SMS folder.
  8. Recovered drawings

As you can see, the drawings can be recovered from your device in a few easy steps as long as you use the iPhone Backup Extractor.

The Reincubate team is releasing weekly updates and features to the iPhone Backup Extractor. Our next release will address compatibility issues for iPhone 7, especially related to support for encrypted backups. If you have any question about the iOS 10 drawings recovering procedure, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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