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If you've lost some notes from your iPhone, you may be feeling pretty unhappy right now. But with a bit of luck, you may find you can recover them from the backup iTunes makes of your phone each time you sync it. To find out whether your notes are there, download the iPhone Backup Extractor. Run it and see whether it finds any notes in your iPhone backup. In this case, for example, it has found 44 notes:

If the iPhone Backup Extractor finds some notes in your backup, here are the simple steps to be able to read them again.

1. Extract the notes

Click the number (in this example, "44" to extract the notes.

2. Choose a destination folder

Choose where you want the iPhone Backup Extractor to put the extracted notes. In this example we're creating a new folder called "Recovered Notes":

Click "OK"; once you've selected the folder and your notes will be extracted.

3. Open the folder

Open the folder you selected in step 2. You should see an HTML file for each note.

4. View a recovered note

Click on a file to view the recovered note. Congratulations! You've now recovered your notes. If you want to get your newly-recovered notes back onto your iPhone, I'm afraid that's harder. If you're a Mac user you may be able to copy and paste the notes into notes in Apple Mail and sync them back to your phone from there. If you're an Outlook user, there may be an equivalent. If you find any good ways to get recovered notes back onto your iPhone, then please share them in the comments below.

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