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Installing iOS 7 is currently a trend among app developers and those that want to be ahead of the rest now it is in beta. We have even been drawn in to using the colourful new iOS 7 here at the Reincubate office. However making a committed move to iOS 7 has its risks and pitfalls, and after a while you might decide the new design and features cannot compensate for the iOS instability, frequent restarts and data loss, after all you need to use your device right?

If you find yourself needing revert back to iOS 6.1.3, you will need to be aware that restoring an iOS 7 iTunes backup to a downgraded iOS 6.1.3 device is not possible, but do make a backup still. If you need data from an iOS 7 backup, our iPhone Backup Extractor is the right tool for you!

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iTunes 11 can still backup your contacts, SMS messages, notes, photos, videos and app data if using iOS 7 on an iPhone or iPad. But if you already downgraded the device to iOS 6, you will not be able to restore iOS 7 data unless all of it was saved in an iOS 6 backup prior to upgrading to iOS 7. See the attempted restore from an iOS 7 backup while using iOS 6.1.3, in the screen-shot below.

iOS7 backup iOS6 restore fail

If you forgot to make an iOS 6 iTunes backup before moving to iOS 7 and you built up data and personal files while your device was running iOS 7, the iPhone Backup Extractor is a good option to open your iOS 7 backup and to check iTunes is saving your data to your backups correctly.

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iPhone Backup Extractor, the tool to recover all your iPhone contacts, photos, notes or SMS

iTunes can store backups locally on your Windows PC or Mac computer for easy restoring of your data to your device. However if iTunes can't restore these backups because the device is lost, has a higher iOS than the backup firmware or the backup has been corrupted, what do you do? Fortunately the iTunes backup can still be opened easily and data extracted quickly using our iPhone Backup Extractor software.

The iPhone Backup Extractor can recover a variety of lost data from an iTunes backup from all iOS versions, so check out some new and old features:

How to recover data from your iOS 7 iTunes backup

All the data gathered on your iPhone/iPad while using iOS 7 beta will be stored neatly in your iTunes backup, so if you have issues with restoring, you can just extract contacts, notes, SMS messages, photos or videos using iPhone Backup Extractor. All you need to do is:

  1. Download the iPhone Backup Extractor
  2. Run it on your computer, it will automatically detect your iTunes backups
  3. Choose the iOS 7 iTunes backup you need to open
  4. Use the quicklinks for extraction or the "Extract" menu to select Photos
  5. Select the output folder and the data will be extracted and saved to your computer
  6. Choose any other data you need, even use our expert mode for to explore

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