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How to get the new iOS 7 beta 5 to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

iOS 7 beta 5 has been released to developers and it brings juicy changes to the Apple operating system, including icons redesign and improved Control Center. The fifth beta incarnation of iOS 7 even brings back locations tracking (re-starting the talk about Apple tracking, we find this very interesting!).

We also think the next beta will arrive very soon, ahead of the iOS 7 Gold Master release. The final release date of the public iOS 7 build seems to have jumped forward according to sources in the valley, maybe to the 10th September. If you want to know how to get iOS7 on your iPhone now, we have a simple guide for it below.

iTunes iOS 7 beta upgrade

Install iOS 7 beta 5 on your iPhone with Windows or Mac

To get the latest iOS 7 beta installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you will need to use iTunes. If you already have the DMG file for iOS 7 beta 5, you can install on your via iTunes on your Macintosh. If you are on Windows, you need to extract the ipsw file from the iOS 5 DMG file. You can do this with our DMG Extractor software if you need it!

To upgrade to iOS 7 beta 5, make sure to:

Update iOS 7 beta 5, it couldn't be easier!

iOS 7 upgrade notice

iPhone Backup Extractor opens iOS 7 iTunes backups!

Any downgrade or upgrade of iOS can lead to data loss. So make sure to create an iTunes backup and create a copy, keep this safe outside of the default backup location before any upgrade. Remember the iPhone Backup Extractor can open and extract data from iOS 7 backups if you ever have trouble, and we have and expert team on standby to answer iTunes backup questions of any kind.

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