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This article was updated in September 2017

If you are searching for a way to import vCard contacts into your Gmail account, this article will show you how to do this. The vCard contacts are stored in a filename ending in .vcf (you can read more about this subject here) and can be afterwards exported in different ways such as by email.

1. Log into Gmail

Log into your Gmail account using the required credentials.

2. Select "Contacts", then "Import Contacts"

Click on the “Mail” drop-down menu near the top-left of the Gmail window and choose "Contacts". Then go to the “More” button and select "Import Contacts".

Gmail import menu

3. Select your vCard or .vcf file

Click "Choose file" and select the vCard that lists your contacts.

Import vCard Gmail

That's all! The imported contacts should now be available in your Gmail account.

We hope this short tutorial has been helpful to you and was taught you what you wanted to know.

Do you want to merge multiple .vcf files?

If you have several .vcf files and you want to merge them and then import them in your Gmail account, you should follow these steps:

On Windows

  1. Copy all your .vcf files into a folder
  2. Access Windows command prompt (Win + R key) then type “CMD” to open it. Then, go to the folder where all the .vcf files are stored. You should select the drive then reach to the destination folder.
  3. Once the destination is selected, use the following DOS command: copy .vcf all.vcf

On Mac

  1. Open the command line (Applications > Utilities >
  2. Go to the folder with the .vfiles you intend to merge
  3. Type the following command: cat .vcf > contacts.vcf

This is it! Now you have a single .vcf file, ready to be imported into your Google account.

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