Alexandra Malureanu
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So, what does the 3.3.0 version of the application offer?

Our application now features some improvements to its functionality and on the importing/exporting process. Remember that the iPhone Backup Extractor can work with any backup created in iOS format. So, what’s left now is just to enjoy our new version of the app!

New iPhone Backup Extractor Features

  • Improved Export/Import contacts as CSV. Works with Gmail and Outlook.
  • Extended Calendar including Timezone data and Recurrences.
  • Improved language support for ICAL and extracted file names. Works for file names with diacritics.

Do you want to benefit from these new features? You can download the new version of the iPhone Backup Extractor app from here: iPhone Backup Extractor version 3.3.0. for Windows or iPhone Backup Extractor version 3.3.0 for OS X and Linux.

If you have any suggestions on improving our application or you just want to leave us your nice thoughts please let us know by posting a comment on this blog.

当社には過去、300万人以上の iPhone の失われたデータを復元した実績があります。
今度は、お客様の力になります。  Works with Windows and Mac