Recover deleted iWatch data
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Recover deleted iWatch data

Recover lost or deleted iWatch and Apple Watch data

Restore iWatch data and settings from backup
Full support
  • Supports all iOS versions
  • Works with watchOS series 2 & 3
Apple Watch data recovery
  • Recover iWatch settings
  • Restore data from iWatch backup
Easy to use
  • Fast download and setup
  • Compatible with macOS and Win
Recover iWatch settings and app data in 3 steps
If you're an Apple Watch fan, and are passionate about tracking your personal data over time, including app usage and HealthKit data, you will love the iPhone Backup Extractor. Our solution helps you recover data from your iCloud backup, and for the first time ever, we made iWatch data recovery possible.
Here's how:

  1. Download and install the latest version of iPhone Backup Extractor
  2. Connect to your iCloud account. We do not store your data and the encryption is secure and encrypted, following Apple's guidelines. If you have 2FA enabled, enter the token to verify your ownership.
  3. Browse through your backups, and download the iWatch backup you want to explore or recover
  4. Save the files locally and re-upload them to another device using the export function
You will need
A computer (Win or Mac) A computer (Win or Mac)
iCloud backup iCloud backup
An iTunes backup An iTunes backup
iPhone Backup Extractor iPhone Backup Extractor
Recover iWatch data from recent iCloud backups

1. Download and install the iPhone Backup Extractor

Download and install the latest version of the iPhone Backup Extractor for Windows or Mac.

Click the "+" button to add an iCloud account. We encourage that you use 2FA as an additional security step to protect your privacy. When logging in to your iCloud account, the authentication is done via a secure, encrypted connection, which does not store your details.

If you have not purchased a license, then you must that first. We recommend purchasing a Premium plan, which allows you to explore your iCloud backups and recover files from them.

2. Choose and download the iWatch backup

From the left tab choose the iWatch backup you want to explore or recover files from.

Go to "Full Download" tab and start downloading the full backup first, inside the app. Then, you can preview its contents and either selectively download files locally or download the full backup on your computer.

You can also recover iOS data saved in other backups, for example, you can recover files from iPad, iPhone and iPod backups.

3. Open the iWatch backup and recover your data

After the backup has been downloaded in our app, you can click on it again, open it and explore what's in there. If anything can be previewed, it will be previewed by default. Otherwise, try either exporting files or downloading them on by one on your computer.

As more features are added to iPhone Backup Extractor, you will be able to recover even more data. Save your full iWatch backup in a dedicated folder, and try again in a month or so. It's very likely that you will be able to recover even more data as the iPhone Backup Extractor gets better and better at supporting new technologies.

Recover deleted iWatch data 1. iCloud sign-in procedure
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Guide: How to retrieve deleted iWatch data 3. iPhone Backup Extractor used in Overview Mode
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Tutorial: Retrieve your deleted iWatch data 6. Data extraction successful

NOTE: If your iPhone is 2FA enabled, you will need to have access to your default trusted device, in order to be able to unlock the iCloud and save the data.

Use the free trial to extract four files from iTunes backups. Buy a Premium license to unlock all features and capabilities.
Supported iOS versions and devices

Works with all iOS devices Works with all iOS devices iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5, 5C, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, 6S, 6S Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
All iOSs are covered All iOSs are covered iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8, iOS 7 and lower
All types of backups All types of backups Corrupted backup, iCloud backup, 2FA iCloud backup, Encrypted backup

Data protection, privacy and security Reincubate has eight years of experience in iPhone data extraction business. Our company adheres to the severe data privacy laws. The info extracted from devices with iPhone Backup Extractor is 100% secure and confidential.

Our user's data and credentials are never stored on our servers and can't be intercepted by any third-party. The connections between iPhone Backup Extractor and servers are encrypted, making impossible any attempt to steal data from your iPhone.

iPhone Backup Extractor offers complete support for 2FA iCloud protected accounts. We advise you to activate this feature for your account, to make sure your data can't be accessed without your agreement.
Complete support for all iOS versions Data protection Virus free Works with corrupted and encrypted backups
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Do you want to see how many things the iPhone Backup Extractor can do for you? Our tool can help you extract data from various other data categories like photos, contacts, messages and other iOS data.

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