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If you’re in search of your lost or deleted Hike, Line or WeChat messages from your iPhone, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you below how to recover your conversation history. To be able to do this, you’ll need an iCloud backup created prior to deleting or losing your messages.

For Hike and Line conversation history is not stored on the company's servers, hence there is no other way to retrieve your lost chats. WeChat application stores several data types, however even in this case the easiest way to recover your lost messages is through your iDevice backup.

Recover Hike, Line or WeChat messages from iCloud backups in 3 easy steps

Using your iPhone backups you can get your conversation history back.

Here are the steps to follow in order to recover Hike, Line, WeChat or other app messages from your iCloud backup file with the iPhone Backup Extractor:

  • Step 1. Install the iPhone Backup Extractor
  • Step 2.Select the backup file to recover from
  • Step 3.View and extract Hike/ Line/ WeChat messages

Recover Hike Line Wechat messages

You will need:

  • An iCloud or iTunes backup to extract data from
  • iPhone Backup Extractor software for Mac OS X or Windows

Hike, Line, WeChat apps: get your chats back

Start by making sure that you have an iCloud or iTunes backup that was saved after the moment you sent or received your Hike, Line or WeChat messages.

If you only want to retrieve specific app data, please note that you shouldn’t restore a backup to your iPhone, as this would remove the records generated after the moment that backup was taken.

If you don’t know when the last iCloud backup was saved, go to Settings > iCloud > Backup.Don’t hit "Backup now" as this would overwrite your backup. Before proceeding with the below steps, check that your iPhone will not overwrite your latest backup (generally, iCloud backups are made automatically when the iPhone is plugged into a power source, connected to the Internet through WI FI or locked).

To discover when your latest iTunes backup was completed and its location, check here to see where iTunes backups are stored on your computer.

Hike, Line or WeChat iOS message recovery

Here’s our step by step guide to retrieve your Hike, Line or WeChat conversations from the iPhone backup.

Step 1. Download and install the iPhone Backup Extractor

Start by downloading and installing the iPhone Backup Extractor. Our software supports both the Mac OS X and the Windows versions and covers all previous and current iOS versions, including iOS 9.

To extract all your app messages you’ll need an iPhone Backup Extractor license. You can test for free our software to get a feel of what you’d be able to recover, and retrieve up to 4 files.

Step 2. Select the backup file from where you’ll recover your app message history

You can retrieve Hike, Line or WeChat conversations either from an iCloud or from an iTunes backup:

From iCloud backup: Launch the application and click on the left bottom button “Add backups” (Windows). Select “iCloud” section, tick the circle corresponding to your iOS version and click on “Add”. Then you’ll need to type in your iCloud credentials: username and password.

In the left pane, under "Devices", select the iCloud backup from which you want to recover app messages. Go to the right window, choose “Categories” tab and select "Everything Else". Click the "Download" button.

From iTunes backup: Launch the application: the iPhone Backup Extractor tool will read all backups located in the default folder. If you have saved backups in a different place, add that location: click on the left button “Add backups”, “General” section. If you have encrypted iTunes backups, you’ll need to provide your backup password.

Step 3. View and extract Hike, Line or WeChat messages

Go to the left window and choose the backup you’ve just added: iCloud backups are highlighted by an icon as a cloud with an arrow pointing down, while iTunes backups have an icon looking like musical notes inside a circle. The pictures below will show an example for iCloud backup data recovery.

You have 2 easy options to check and extract your Line, Hike or WeChat data:

  • Go to the upper menu, click on “Extract” and you’ll be able to directly download all files without previewing them. You will need to choose between CSV and HTML file types (CSV will save them all in one text file, while HTML will save them in separate files where you can see the images). Select a location for saving them, click “OK” when you see “Extraction successful” message and that’s it!
  • Recover iCloud backup Hike messages
  • Go to Preview > Hike/ Line/ WeChat to preview the messages. You can choose which messages you’d like to recover and click “Extract”.
  • Recover app messages preview

Have an easy app message recovery! Please feel free to leave any comments below.

Or, in case you have any questions or need further clarification, we’ll be happy to assist you through our support team.

Bonus: how to extract the Hike/ Line/ WeChat database manually

For users who would like to extract the SQLite database, go to "Expert Mode" to recover the backup files with hex-encoded SHA1 hashes.

They can be found at the following paths:

  • Hike: Application Domains > com.bsb.hike > Library > com.hike.database.private > messagesDB.sqlite
  • Recover Hike messages database
  • Line: Application Domains > > Library > Application Support > PrivateStore >P_ua5e817b6e23cbfb53d3b76c893bcb07f (or a different number, same length, depending on the device) > Messages > Line.sqlite.
  • WeChat: Application Domains > > Documents > cdf56bcc95afc9989670168c32ef0125 (or a different number, same length, depending on the device) > DB > MM.sqlite.

Being the app data company, we are dedicated to recovering app data. If you wish to recover WhatsApp, Kik or Viber messages, please see our detailed guides:

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