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The iPhone Backup Extractor version 4.0.9 has been released, and the new update brings improved support for encrypted backups and enhancements that make working with CSV files easier, after recovering data from iTunes backups.

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iPhone Backup Extractor version 4.0.9, the perfect tool for your iTunes backup

The latest version of the iPhone Backup Extractor includes enhanced support for encrypted backups: now you can use the application to extract all your information, including SMS, contacts, notes, photos, videos, app data and many more! Here are some of the improvements we made to our software:

  • Support for encrypted iTunes backups, SMS extraction fixed
  • Working with CSV files extracted from backups is now easier than ever
  • Tested with iPad mini backups and with Windows 8 OS
  • Tested with iTunes 11.0.1 backups and on devices running iOS 6.0.2

Encrypted iTunes backups opened with the previous version of the iPhone Backup Extractor would have no SMS available, due to an Apple update in the backups format – now our latest 4.0.9 version of the software can extract all data found in the backups.

The new version of the iPhone Backup Extractor also makes working with CSV files extracted easier, and the data recovered this way can be imported into contacts managers such as Gmail or Outlook in just a few easy steps.

Update your iPhone Backup Extractor version to the latest 4.0.9 now, and enjoy the latest bug fixes, enhancements and features!

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