Andrew Coles
Published by Andrew Coles,

The iPBE application now features a process that can encoded contact information in vCards when non-ASCII chars are present. This is great for importing contacts that contain multiple languages or non-western characters into Outlook successfully.

The application has improved vCard (.vcf) functionality when extracting data. This includes several changes to the way formatting is handled and helps users import contacts into Outlook more effectively.

Apple made several minor back-end data changes in iOS 4.3. We have made sure the iPhone Backup Extractor is fully up to data with these changes and can extract from all databases created in any iOS and iTunes version.

When extracting vCards in the previous iPBE version (2.6.4), Windows raised errors when names in the AddressBook database were too long for Windows to handle. This has now been fixed and vCards file names are now limited to 50 characters, with a dupe-free process to add extra file protection.

You can download the new version of the iBPE app from here: iPhone Backup Extractor version 2.6.5.

If you have any suggestions or improvements you would like to see in future software updates, please let us know here or leave your suggestions on this blog.

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