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The power of having iCloud on all your iOS and OS X devices could be a threat for your private information. Even though the iCloud is an incredible service provided by Apple, recent claims of the iCloud being hacked has raised a few concerns regarding the safety of private data stored by this service.

Anonymous Group iCloud Hack

How Safe is iCloud Storage?

Recently this year, an affiliated Anonymous Group hacker accessed an international conference call between an UK investigator from the Metropolitan Police and FBI. Now, again, the same hacker, as published by ArsTechnica, hacked into Apple’s iCloud account of a national police cybercrime unit head.

We were aware from some Apple forums of some iCloud email hacking, fortunately this is very rare. However Anonymous have clearly shown there are still concerns regarding the safety of private data stored in accessible Cloud based storage.

Have you experienced awkward situations regarding the iCloud storage of your data? Do you feel safe in using iCloud service? Have you lost data the iCloud was supposed to back up securely for you?

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