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Decrypting and opening encrypted backup data and files

In 2008, Reincubate shipped its first commercial product – the iPhone Backup Extractor - the market's first application and service helping people recover data from iOS iTunes backups.

Today, we're very excited to announce a major update of the iPhone Backup Extractor software, namely a Premium version of the iPBE software that includes encrypted iTunes backup support. We certainly think this update cements the iPhone Backup Extractor's position as best iTunes backup recovery tool.

When it comes to adding new features and enhancements to our software, we focus on our users' needs and recommendations. So, it gives us great pleasure to announce that encryption support has now been added as a new premium feature to the iPhone Backup Extractor. Read more about our premium licenced product in our Press-Release.

What makes the new major iPhone Backup Extractor update (v4) so special?

  • The main star of this update is certainly the addition of a Pro version that reads encrypted iTunes backups (you'll need to know the password) and allows full access to the files and conversion functionality
  • The Lite and Basic versions of our iPhone Backup software also include the option to decrypt an encrypted backup and see its contents, but also extract any file. These versions DO NOT include full conversion features and have limitations on multiple file extraction. But in the right hands or for the right needs are still a both worthy applications
  • Instant a speedy file extraction, whether one file or thousands, the iPhone Backup Extractor is fast.
  • Fully iOS 6 tested

How can I test the free iTunes and iOS decryption support feature?

If you have an encrypted backup and you want to view or extract the backup contents, you can do this easily by downloading the lastest version of our iPhone backup software. All versions have the encryption feature to test and use, the Lite and Basic licences are limited to two files, and four database entries. However any file can be extracted as they are stored in any iOS iTunes backup. Bare in mind that you must know the encrypted backup's password, it's very important that you remember the password you set in iTunes. Without the password (especially if the password is strong) your iTunes backup is likely to be rendered useless and your iPhone, iPad or iTouch will most likely need to be factory reset.

iPhone Backup Extractor Pro

We think this is a fantastic update of our software and adding encrypted iTunes backup support is a major enhancement. We look forward hearing your feedback on the new features and options and hope it helps! Meanwhile, decrypt away! :)

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