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iTunes backups are like magical bags that can save your life. Sometimes they can contain years of documents, notes, photos, videos, SMS messages and contacts of all your friends and family. Deleting one of these is not a good idea, but it can happen when you need it most. A deleted iPhone backup can however be recovered by using undelete software, and for this we have created Reincubate Recover Files.

Our data recovery software can retrieve files, pictures, videos or even whole iTunes backups

Deleted data is not automatically purged when hitting the "Delete" button in Windows. In fact, data is not deleted permanently even when using the "Shift+Delete" command. The system will remember that portion of your hard drive is empty and only overwrite with something else if it needs space.

So your best chance of recovery is to stop using that part of the hard drive (partition) where the backup was located, and download Reincubate Recover Files. Learn where the default folders are for iPhone backups in Windows.

There are two main things you need to look for when trying to recover a deleted backup:

  • The hash-encoded files corresponding to Apple's databases
  • The manifest files that are like an index of all the data in the backup

How to read iTunes backup and open it with the iPhone Backup Extractor

  1. Open the Reincubate Recover Files
  2. Choose the drive where the files were before you lost them
  3. Click "Scan" and the software will give you a list with all the files found
  4. Look for the files with hash-encoded names (they look like 31bb7ba8914766d4ba40d6dfb6113c8b614be442)
  5. Try to find the manifest files (info.plist, status.plist, manifest.plist, manifest.mbdb)
  6. Recover the files and make sure they are in the same folder
  7. Use the iPhone Backup Extractor to read the recovered backup

Once you have recovered the backup folder, the iPhone Backup Extractor will extract your contacts, SMS, photos, videos, notes, appdata and many more! After saving the files to your computer, you can just import them back to your phone

Note that not all data can be recovered with an undelete tool – if the file has been overwritten, data might be missing but you can still try to recover some of the existent data.

When files are missing from the backup, the iPhone Backup Extractor will report the message: "Incomplete and unencrypted". However, recovering some data is better than nothing! If you are having trouble recovering data, contact our our customer support team. Remember, registered users are entitled to support and we will do our best to retrieve your files.

Let us know if our recover files software helped you!