Apple Stores to host their own iCloud backups?

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Rumour has it that Apple's Genius Bars will get special wireless sync capabilities for iOS devices to backup customer data extra fast. 9to5mac have written up some background on this, and it has a number of interesting implications.

A Genius with a non-genius. In an Apple Genius Bar
A Genius with a non-genius. In an Apple Genius Bar

Essentially, Apple Stores need to replace iPhones reasonably often when customers bring them in for repair. They'd back up their phones to the iCloud, replace the phone, and restore the data to a new one -- again, over the iCloud. This can take a couple of hours for users with lots of data.

Apple want to speed things up, and rather than having that data go out to the Internet to the iCloud, they're experimenting with keeping the data in store. Does this means equipment in the stores would need to impersonate or emulate the iCloud in some way?

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