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Cache options in iPhone Backup Extractor

It has been weeks since Apple made iOS 5 available for download. Most of the users are happy about it but there are also some who had issues using it. One of the major changes that took place was how iOS 5 deal with app caches.

How iOS 5 Manage Caches and Tmp Folders

Each application has its own storage location in the directory where it can save files and all the data there is backed up every time you sync the iDevice to iTunes, except those that are stored in caches and tmp folders. Everything worked pretty well until iOS 5 made some changes on its behaviour towards app data. Previously, caches and tmp folders remained 'untouched' unless user decided to delete the files. Now in iOS 5, the contents of these folders are deleted automatically when the storage size gets low. This is pretty alarming especially to those who frequently download reading materials onto their iDevices for future reference, only to find out that the files are nowhere to be found.

How to Avoid Cache Cleaning in iOS 5

iOS 5 users really have to be wary about this modification especially if you are fond of saving data that you want to access even when you are off-line. This particularly applies to downloadable materials like web articles, Ebooks and the like, which save their content in caches folder for off-line reading. So the best thing to do is to keep an eye on your storage size and make sure it does not go lower than the minimum. Otherwise, you will be surprised that the files you keep for off-line use are all gone and would not be accessible until you connect to the internet and download them again, one-by-one.

Safari Cache

The cache has also been causing issues in Safari as mentioned on The iOS5 seems to be over caching, resulting in highly updated content as found on news and blogs websites being days out of date. Safari is also open to the same issue as above since it holds cache data in the ‘/Library/Caches directory’, this could also lead to the browser’s history being cleared.

Cache Data in the iTunes Backup

If you lose any important cache data, it might be possible to find cached data in your backups. The data will be difficult to get back on to your iPhone, but you maybe still able to read the data stored if in your backups. If you have jail-broken your iPhone, swapping the app cache files maybe a possibility still. Although this could lead to losing other cached data and doesn't resolve the initial reason the cache was cleared, so do free up space first.


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