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This long expected update for iOS brought up some pretty nice improvements. This could fix your Battery life Problems! So, have you got your hands on it yet? Let's take a look on what you can get from the new Apple iOS update.

iOS 5.1 compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Top-notch improvements for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from the new Apple iOS 5.1

  • iPhoto seems to work quite good and we can see on forums comments such as “Absolutely awesome app!!”
  • Now you can delete a photo from Photo stream.
  • Camera/Swipe icon is always on the lock screen now, woot!
  • “Disable 3G” back onto our iOS 5.1 (was left aside on previous iOS 5.0), it's helpful if you want to increase your battery life as well.
  • There is no additional battery drain with more of the apps configured for Location Services and you get a good description of the Location Services section of the Settings app.
  • Bookmarks now no longer open automatically when you open Safari, you just get the address bar saying “Go to this address”.
  • A big addition to previous English (American, Australian, British), French, German Siri is Siri speaking Japanese.

It seems that iOS 5.1 is getting a positive feedback. Have you already upgraded yours? What improvements have you noticed after the update? Have you noticed some bad points as well?

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