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Available now in stores and online, well sort of...

Although the iPad 2 was launched in the US a full two weeks ago (better later than never I suppose), today sees the UK release of the much anticipated tablet on these shores. However like many Apple product launches that have proceeded, the headlines are of queue and availability issues. One could be forgiven for thinking that lowering availability at launch, maybe a ploy already well used by Apple, surely not!?

The online store, where the iPad2 has been on sale from 1am this morning has already encountered several issues. Many people have encountered errors which prevented or delayed their purchases going through, but we have heard since these have now been corrected. Customers may find orders also take up to a couple of weeks to arrive, something Apple could have avoided with a pre-order system. Apple are also limiting the purchase of only two iPad 2’s per customer, this will hopefully avoid bulk buying and stock piling, limiting supplies further.

On the high street things are still hotting up, as would be iPad 2 owners will have to wait until 5pm to get their hand on Apple’s latest offering. The news is awash with talk of people waiting for the iPad 2, and some have been queuing outside Apple stores since 7.30am yesterday. Some reports suggest that the queues for the Regent Street store were reaching hundreds of people this morning, with even long queues outside the Apple store in Covent Garden. Let’s hope those dedicated enough to become one of the first to own a spanking new iPad 2 in the UK, don’t go away empty handed.

What new innovations does the new iPad 2 showcase?

As widely reported in the US, the new iPad 2 doesn’t have the impact of design and features the original did. However its is sleeker, prettier and has a bundle of improvements that should keep any iPad fan more than happy.

Here are just a few of the iPad 2’s new features:

  • 33% Thinner, at 8.6mm thick this is thinner than an iPhone 4
  • 15% Lighter, weighing just 680 grams which 80 grams lighter than the first iPad. Lighter than a newspaper or apple and many other similes greater in weight than 680 grams!
  • Improved graphics performance, for a better video and gaming experience
  • Battery is still a healthy 10 hours, even though smaller than it predecessor
  • Front-facing camera allowing for FaceTime or Skype video calls and an HD camera on the reverse
  • Fantastic design and improved ergonomics
  • Smudge-resistant screen, really?!


The iPad 2 still lacks the Retina screen of the iPhone 4, however the screen is more than adequate. And we feel that by adding a Retina screen, it would considerably increase the iPad 2’s price and substantially decrease the battery life.

iPad 2 UK Pricing

The iPad 2 can be picked up for a measly £399 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only model, jumping to a much more substantial sum of £659 for the 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G edition. For more information on the iPad 2, please see the Apple website.

We hope everyone that wants a new iPad 2, gets one soon. If you have been one of the lucky few or have a queuing story you want to share please let us know or leave your comments on this blog.

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