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iOS 5.0 Beta 2

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As iOS 5.0 makes it’s way into beta 2, we wanted to tell users our latest iPhone backup software version supports iOS5 backups. iOS 5 won’t be released until at least September, but we will always do our best to support the latest version of iOS for native backups on your computer and iPhone/iPad users and even beta testers can extract their stored data.

Centralising backup data in the iCloud

You’re no doubt aware that Apple are making the next big step into centralising all data (like SkyNet!), with the forthcoming appearance of their iCloud system in iOS 5. However they will be giving everyone a choice to retain control of their own data... at least for now.

The Apple iCloud visual metaphore

The iCloud - will it be free?

Apple have said yes, and by simply registering to the iCloud you will be entitled to 5GB of space. iStore purchases like music, apps, books and also Photo Stream allocations also don't count to this space, so there should be plenty of room for all your files and documents. However the introduction of the iCloud will allow apps to store large amounts of information in the iCloud, in fact your high-scores will most likely already be there. There will be settings to control this, however the 5GB allocation may soon prove to be very limited. Apple will offer the ability to extend your iCloud storage space at yet unknown cost.

iCloud performance

iCloud seems like Apple’s future for now, and is a sensible and perhaps long overdue step. But we do have our concerns. We know how long it currently takes to download the current iOS updates in iTunes, and whether over Wifi or not it takes longer than any other download the same size should, and is a very unreliable process. To add to the mix, running backups many times larger on the same system seems a bold step to take baring in mind the fragility of the current process.

Apple have gone big on infrastructure with their $1 Billion North Carolina Data Center to cope with the extra demands, we hope this can help overcome the current download speed and unreliability issues.

Do you have any questions or information you would like to share on iOS 5? If so just comment on this blog below.

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