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Apple’s launch of the iPhone 5 is a boost for the company in the race for first place in the smart-phone market. Keeping in mind that Samsung has taken the lead this year in smart-phones sales, we see that Apple will be pushing the new iPhone5 as a better, faster device.

Apple iPhone5

The trump card for Apple is, as always, innovation in design and functionality, even though some critique the company for not introducing some features earlier in the race. The 9 mm added in hight for the iPhone 5 while keeping the same width make it easier to type with one hand and shows a trend in smart-phone size (bigger is always better). The phone is not bigger than the Samsung Galaxy SIII (123.8x58.6x7.6 mm as opposed to 136.6x70.6x8.6 mm), but can appeal to those stating even 4 inches is enough for a phone’s screen.

The new iPhone also includes LTE 4G technology (Apple calls it ultrafast wireless), however this is something the competition (Samsung Galaxy III as well as other smart-phones) already implemented a while back.

Also, the iPhone 5 is using Qualcomm’s MDM9615M LTE modem and flash memory provided by Hynix, which is an interesting move by Apple trying to reduce the orders of Samsung components.

The 8MP camera on the iPhone has a sapphire lens and includes a low-light mode, but it is less than the 8,7 MP announced on the upcoming Nokia Lumia 920. Also, Panorama mode finally comes to the iPhone, giving us 28 megapixels images - almost 3 years after Samsung introduced it on its devices. Also, note there’s no NFC on the new iPhone, something Samsung and Nokia have thought about.

We must note that Apple is updating its phone software and will not be using Google Inc.'s mapping service any more, replacing it with the Maps app. Google has been promoting smart-phones that run on Android, its own operating system, thus becoming competition.

iPhone5, relying on brand and improvements

No doubt what makes Apple a top player in the market is the power of its brand: any product with the Apple logo is capable of starting a buzz on the Internet, and all the leaks have done nothing but fuel the fan’s frenzy.

The new phone should sparkle, if Apple hopes to get ahead: Nokia and Motorola launched new smart-phones this year and Nokia announced that two of its phones will be running on a Windows operating system (remember Nokia? Yes, it’s still there and has innovative potential).

It remains to be seen whether the new, taller iPhone will rise to expectations regarding sales: before the launch, analysts were talking about 8-10 million unit landmarks to be hit by the end of September, as seen in .

The iPhone 5 with iOS6 should help Apple regain momentum in the smart-phones wars, or at least provide a benchmark for the BlackBerry 10 operating system due to be released next year. After all, there’s Apple and then there’s everything else on the market.

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