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OK, emoticon aren't exactly cutting edge are they, but I have always had a soft-spot for them from since the ‘olden days’ before my iPhone. I always found it odd that when composing text messages on an iPhone my emoticons were not automatically converted, quite annoyed in fact. Thankfully I can now turn the emoji option on in iOS 5, why this option isn't turned on by default as it is on every other phone I'm at a loss to answer.

How to add the Emoji Keyboard Support

Settings Emoticons for SMS and iMessages on iOS5

In iOS 5, emoji icons can be switched on as follows:

  • Open the ‘General Settings’ menu
  • Under ‘Keyboard’ goto ‘International Keyboards’
  • Select ‘Add New Keyboard’ and then select ‘Emoji’ from the list

This should then add emoji as part of your keyword and character sets ready to be used in your messages.

What Emoji Emoticons are Available?

There are many emoticons to choose from, like standard smilies, laughing, crying and winking faces. But also there are event and location based emoji to express your messages that little bit more, check out the screen-shot below.

Emoticons types for SMS and iMessages on iOS5

Am I the only one that uses emoticons still? Are they outdated? Were Apple right to add them, we survived this long without them? What are your thoughts?

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