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Apple releases the iPhone 4S

Andrew Coles

by Andrew Coles

October 2011 has been great milestone for Apple as they launched the latest iPhone, the 4S. In spite of the anticipated build-up -- and much publicized keynote for new CEO Tim Cook -- the industry and fan feedback seemed slightly disappointed, holding out hope for the iPhone 5 instead. Ginny Mies of PCWorld wrote the iPhone 4S was underwhelming.

Apple's new iPhone 4S
Apple's new iPhone 4S

What's new with the 4S?

It turned out that majority of the rumours were untrue. Contrary to the videos and news that circulated, the appearance of iPhone 4S is pretty much identical to its predecessor, iPhone 4.

The size of the display remained the same and the expected ultra-thin device was nowhere to be found. It also uses the same dual-core A5 chip that iPad 2 does, which has been released roughly 6 months ago. Nonetheless, Apple managed to impress with Siri, the voice-activated assistant. Here are the features of iPhone 4S in a nutshell:

  • Voice-activated Siri - just say it and Siri will do the work for you; ask her to make calls, send messages, schedule meetings and a lot more
  • Dual-core A5 chip - "two powerful cores" as Apple puts it, bring out the maximum potential of iPhone 4S
  • 8 megapixel camera - the 4S is also equipped with an 8MP camera with LED flash that gives great images even in low-lit areas, and it can also capture 1080p HD video instead of just 720p.
  • iOS 5 - it runs the latest iOS that has been released by Apple
  • iCloud - store 5GB your files and data for free and retrieve your music, photos and other files wirelessly

Apple has managed to stay ahead of the competition with the release of iPhone 4S. However, as suggested by CNET, the gap has narrowed a little. Still, we love it.

Andrew Coles

by Andrew Coles on , last updated

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