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Did you see Samsung's “over the top” Ad during the Super Bowl last night? Using the Super Bowl for promoting products is a clever idea, especially as Apple famously did the same thing in the 80's with the Macintosh (1984). Samsung is preparing the new Samsung Galaxy Note which will come to US on February, 19th for the big Apple-Samsung competition and started with a fun commercial on mocking on Apple fans. It's a creative way of trying to dissApple or is it just a creative barrel to get a tiny bit more sales to try to catch up with Apple? Do you think it's a good strategy?

A stylus AND The Darkness

Its been a good few months since the iPhone 4S launch, but Samsung is eager to show what must be Apple fans queing outside a familiar overly glassed shop front in their this half-time commercial. So what was the aim of this advertising campaign? To simply prevent other people from wanting to become iPeople in an iQueue or simply just some tough-in-cheek fun at Apple expense? What do you think are the legal battle loses getting to Samsung?

We have seen many Twitter comments on this topic such as “Fun commercial but terribly un-informative!” and we must agree as Samsung only concentrates on showing Apple fans and not really the gadget itself or what it does.

We still have a question: will you take the photo with the stylus or with your finger? Think about it before your special moment disappears. Do you enjoy these kind of commercials? Are you attracted by the new Samsung Galaxy Note? Is your pocket big enough to carry it with you?

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