Andy Coles
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So would you grill your new iPhone?

What happens when a guy thinks it is a good idea to grill (bbq) three of the best smart phones on the planet, the iPhone 4, Android G2 and Windows Phone 7 HTC? And why exactly would you want to try this crazy stunt you may well ask? Well it is suggested this is an experiment, a thinly disguised "fire durability" test or popularly known as a publicity stunt. Before you view this video, I must add a “health warning”. If you love your phones or simple can’t afford one of these exciting new bits of kit, this is disturbing footage!

Well I just hope he can recover his all contacts from his iPhone backups? I do personally like the little "I’m too hot" temperature warning on the iPhone. A nice little feature I hope I don’t see any time soon.

Do you think this is smoking or does it leave you "iPhone" fuming... groan? Let us know here or comment on this blog.

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