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Against the “Media driven” tide of iPhone 4S disappointment, Apple managed to prove doubters wrong and increase their worldwide mobile phone market share to a healthy 8.3%. So, once again “Think different” showed that creative people and Apple fans alike want to stay in the Apple queue, no matter how competitive the market is.

So, the public wasn't so disappointed with the iPhone 4S, after all!

We all remember the rumours, the frenzy and the disappointment before, after and when Apple revealed the iPhone 4S. But the record revenue and the profit for the fiscal first Quarter of 2012 show in fact how popular iPhone 4S is and that the “iPhone 4S, was such a failure” hasn't become a reality in terms of sales. Is it that we are so protective and loyal over our iPhones that we can't even think on switching to another brand? Or is it that we share the same passions as Apple enjoys the ethos and thinking created?

After seeing those amazing scenes at the Apple stores in China, thousands of people, waiting in the cold for hours or even days, what can we think: brand loyalty or plain crazy?

apple retail shop china

So, are you thinking of switching to another smart-phone? Do you know an iPhone user who made the switch and why? What do you like the most and the least about your iPhone 4S?

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