iPhone Backup Extractor 4.1.4: WhatApp, Plists & Restriction PIN

Livia Stroie

by Livia Stroie

New features to convert WhatApp messages, edit Plists and reset restriction passcodes

Regular users of iPhone Backup Extractor will notice they are prompted to update to version 4.1.4. This new version is also available from our website... so why are we shouting about it so much?

Well, iPhone Backup Extractor is packed with great new features, improvements and the odd bug fix. All of which have been prompted by the great feedback we receive from our customers daily.

What's in new 4.1.4 then? It's now possible to extract your WhatsApp chats and reset Restrictions passcode PIN on un-encrypted backups of all iOS versions. And if that's not enough you can also edit and save Plist files in your iTunes backup with our built-in .plist editor.

Extract WhatsApp messages from your iTunes backup

WhatsApp messages
WhatsApp messages

The iPhone Backup Extractor now extracts your WhatsApp messages automatically from the iTunes backup, by converting the database to an easy to use CSV file. You can:

  • Use the quick links for automatic extraction from the main window
  • Use the "Extract" menu to extract your WhatsApp messages as CSV
  • If there are no WhatsApp messages saved, the message will be "None" and the menu will be greyed out
  • You can still extract the entire WhatApp database in "Expert mode" for jailbreaking to ]WhatsApp](https://www.whatsapp.com/) to get back on your Phone

Forgotten your parental controls PIN? Reset the restrictions passcode with one click

Restrictions pin
Restrictions pin

If you forget your Restrictions PIN and don't know how to get it back, don't despair! The iPhone Backup Extractor will detect if the parental controls code is enabled for the backup and give you the option to reset it to 1234. Resetting the code is done in just a few easy steps, by changing the com.apple.springboard.plist that you would have to edit manually otherwise. So here's how to do it the easy way:

  • Download and open the iPhone Backup Extractor
  • Open your iTunes backup by selecting it from the drop-down menu
  • Click the "Extract" menu and select "Restrictions PIN"
  • Reset the PIN code to 1234 and then restore your backup

Read iOS 2 and iOS 3 backups: Support for old backup files

An iOS 3 backup
An iOS 3 backup

We have restored support for iOS 2.0 and iOS 3.0 backups, which means you can access data from your old firmware devices. So if you have a dusty old backups of your iOS 3.0 device, you can now open them and access data with iPhone Backup Extractor.

Users trying to open iOS 2.0 and iOS 3.0 backups were served with the error message: System.NullReferenceException: This issue has now been patched, so open your old iTunes backups to bring back your photos, videos, old contacts, SMS messages and other data!

Improved support for encrypted backups

Encrypted corrupt backup error
Encrypted corrupt backup error

The iPhone Backup Extractor has also been updated to handle corrupt, encrypted iTunes backups more elegantly for our users. It now notifies about any encryption issues within the backup, and will extract available data where possible despite any encryption corruption found.

Previously, users trying to open corrupt encrypted backups may have received one of the following errors:

  • "Error in opening file AddressBook.sqlitedb -- either the file is encrypted or corrupt"
  • "An error has occurred within the iPhone Backup Extractor, likely because of a backup format inconsistency"
  • A generic error containing the text System.Security.CryptographyException

These errors are caused by the iTunes backup process failing to process correctly, leading to an incomplete backup. In these instances, iTunes would have only been partially through encrypting the device backup before it was interrupted. Therefore some files were encrypted, while some files were not and other files may not included in the backup at all, creating a very fragmented backup.

Our application will now extract any existing un-encrypted data from the backup automatically and also prompts the user to contact our expert support team. Our professional support team will be able to diagnose any specific iTunes backup and give advice on whether any more data can be extracted.

Livia Stroie

by Livia Stroie on

We've helped over 3,000,000 people recover their lost iPhone data. Let us help you too.

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