iOS 4.3 released: what's new?

Andrew Coles

by Andrew Coles

Improved performance for Safari browser

Apple say that Safari's browsing performance has been vastly improved in iOS 4.3. The improvements revolve around JavaScript-rich websites in particular, but due the common use of JavaScript most websites should load quicker. This improvement is delivered by the new Nitro JavaScript engine powering Safari, which interprets and loads JavaScript and related content more efficiently.

Some reports on the Internet have suggested that Safari is not any faster than it was in iOS 4.2. We assumed Apple must have bench marked the difference before claiming "runs JavaScript up to twice as fast as in iOS 4.2".

The video by "samlaxrocks" below seems to confirm the speed improvements that Apple suggest. Download speeds should improve more noticeably where more interactive or media rich websites are viewed.

AirPlay enhancements

As expected Apple have applied more AirPlay enhancements to the iOS operation system. They are really keen to extend and push the sharing and availability features of their devices and of course Apple TV.

Here is what to expect:

  • Use AirPlay and Apple TV to stream content to your TV screen from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  • AirPlay-enabled apps and websites can be streamed directly to your TV with iOS 4.3
  • Instantly share newly created videos and photos with friends and family in your house

Personal Hotspot for the iPhone 4

Apple have added and interesting new WiFi sharing option to the iOS 4.3 with the new Personal Hotspot feature. When you only have 3G available on your iPhone 4 when your out and about, you can now connect to your home network to take advantage of your WiFi set-up.

The iPad's side switch

A strange little feature is the customisation of the iPad side switch. You can now change it to rotate the screen, set sound levels and toggle between option settings.

Andrew Coles

by Andrew Coles on , last updated

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