How copy or transfer save games & high-scores to your iPhone

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Copying saved games, settings and state from one iOS device to another

iPhone Backup Extractor can extract save, score, or settings files from the iOS apps, and use those files to transfer the information from one iPhone to another, or from an iPhone to iPad.

Below we have listed a few of our favourite apps to illustrate the process in general.

How extract Angry birds data from an iPhone backup

Transferring data works well with the ever-popular Angry Birds. As there are many versions of Angry Birds we have taken the original as an example. These instructions are adaptable to any version -- if not most applications -- so don't worry if this is not your version, you'll work it out.

It's pretty simple really: all you need to do is find the Angry Birds' high-score.lua and settings.lua files. To do this in iPhone Backup Extractor do the following.

  • Click to choose "Expert" mode
  • Navigate to Applicationcom.clickgamer.AngryBirdsDocuments

In this folder you will find the prized highscore.lua and settings.lua files. You will need both these "Golden Eggs" to transfer your scores back to your iPhone via /private/var/mobile/Applications/[the Angry Birds folder]/Documents. You can use this to share high-scores and settings between your iPhone and iPad, so there's no need to start from the beginning ever again.

How to move Angry Birds Space hi-scores between devices

If you're interested in inter-planet, zero-gravity hi-jinx then Angry Birds Space from Rovio may be for you. It's available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad users.

Reincubate iPhone Backup Extractor can easily recover your Angry Birds hi-scores so you can move them between devices where needed. Switch to "Expert mode", and look under Application/com.rovio.AngryBirdsSpace/Documents for the high-score.lua and settings.lua files.

Finding the files in Expert mode
Finding the files in Expert mode

After following these steps, you can extract the highscore.lua and settings.lua files needed for scores, settings and level information. Both files are important when transferring your hi-scores and accomplishments between iOS devices.

Once extracted, they can be moved to another device by installing the app, backing up the device, and then editing the device's backup to overwrite these files.

How extract Nike+ GPS user data from an iPhone backup

If you're an avid runner you'll no doubt have Nike's great Nike Run+ app. The application works in conjunction with a Nike+ sensor to map runs and store your running statistics, so you can compete against yourself or track your training progress. It can take a bit of time to calibrate the app and sensor to your own personal running style, by once done it's worth it.

To access the files from your iTunes backup, open iPhone Backup Extractor and click on "Expert mode", then follow the instructions below:

  • Navigate to the folder
  • Check the box next to the folder, this will select all the files needed
  • Select "Extract selected" then click extract
  • You will then be present with a choice of where you want to save the files
  • In the folder you chose there'll be a folder structure with your files

There are several ways to get these files back on to iPhones or iPads: we recommend using iPhone Backup Extractor to edit a backup of your other device, then restoring it. If you have a jailbroken iOS device it's possible just to copy the files back, but we don't recommend jailbreaking.

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