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Apple has been releasing iOS 10 beta updates since June, all of which have been tested by our iOS expert team to ensure full support for all core iPhone Backup Extractor capabilities - and even new features! We’re excited and proud to be the first in market to support the new iOS 10 version from the very first beta up until the official public launch.

Our experience working with the iCloud API for over 8 years has taught us an important lesson about building great products: that constant testing after each iOS beta update is key to delivering a stable version of the app to all of our customers. As a result, our our testing team and iOS expert have ensured that support for every iOS 10 beta version was baked into the app since the first iOS 10 beta release.

In addition to ensuring compatibility with iOS 10 for our core features, we dedicated research time to supporting digital touch drawings extraction and recovery, the newest addition to iMessages. Historically we have supported several "hard features", such as 2FA, restrictions passcode and encrypted backups recovery.

Our next software update includes support for digital touch drawings extraction, and we are proud to confirm that the iPhone Backup Extractor is the first iOS data recovery software that supports this feature. Our iOS expert team will also be the first to receive the new iPhone 7, and will ensure compatibility with the A10 processor and device-specific tech specs. Our research team will ensure compatibility with the device’s security features, and ensure iPhone Backup Extractor continues to support data extraction from encrypted backups created with the new iPhone. Stay tuned for updates!

iPhone Backup Extractor customers come from various industries and with different needs. Over the years we have been able to support them by switching to a much more flexible pricing model. Especially our business partners and developers have been interested in our high-end plans, one of which unlocks the license for commercial use.

To celebrate the launch of iOS 10 we are offering 25% off the Business plan, supporting up to 20 iCloud devices under the same licence. We are also inviting more developers, partners and businesses to unlock the commercial license with our limited time offer for the Business plans.

Starting on September 7th, with the introduction of iOS 10, millions of devices will send requests to Apple servers to access the new version. Server overload can leave an update request hanging, causing several problems: “insufficient storage” and “failed updates” for over the air requests are likely to damage backup files.

With the iPhone Backup Extractor, our power users are able to prevent data loss on backups created with all iOS versions.

The Business Edition license - iPhone Backup Extractor for commercial use

The Business plan is suitable for any scenario that involves using iPhone Backup Extractor to provide a service to one’s customers or to integrate our iCloud technology in existing business offerings. For example, digital forensics, can use the iOS data extraction technology as an addition to existing digital investigation services. iPhone repair shops can also use the iPhone Backup Extractor as a backup service in case damages are too significant to be repaired.

The technology has been used by businesses in child monitoring, digital forensics and law enforcement, and our product continues to be trusted by corporate and governmental institutions in a variety of cases that serve the interest of their customers. We do reserve the right to work with companies that do provide a legitimate services, and use our technology for good purposes.

Use BUSINESS-IOS10 and get 25% OFF for the Business license. Unlock the ability to use high-end iOS data extraction for commercial use and support for 20 iCloud devices on 5 different computers.

Reincubate is the leader in data extraction and recovery. Our research and development team has developed proprietary iOS data extraction technology that has helped over 3 million customers worldwide.

Our support team will be available to assist you with technical difficulties and questions during regular work times. We encourage you to test the Lite version of the iPhone Backup Extractor, and upgrade to either plans by 07.09.2016 using the two coupon codes.

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