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Whether you’re battling iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch addiction, you probably know by now that Apple was aiming to reveal its latest product updates in a wildly anticipated March event.

Yesterday the company has officially announced its spring event for March 21st in Cupertino, at Apple’s campus, putting an end to all the speculations around the event's date.

With only a week left, rumours abound as to the product announcements.

Below we’ve gathered the products most likely to be disclosed.

Apple March event

Although at a smaller scale, this will be Apple’s first event since September, and many Apple analysts estimate that, similar to the fall event, this one will address three product types.

1. A 4 inch iPhone

Apple is expected to reveal a new iPhone model with a 4 inch screen (similar to the iPhone 5). According to 9to5Mac, the new model will be called iPhone SE (for "special edition"). The iPhone SE is fundamentally supposed to be a combination of the iPhone 6 and 6S but with an external look similar to the iPhone 5. It would contain an A9 chip, enhanced cameras, Live Photos support and Apple Pay.

The new 4 inch iPhone

Feature wise, it is believed that one major trait will be missing from the new iPhone, the 3D Touch (currently only available on the 6S and 6S Plus). The iPhone SE is likely to come in Apple’s full colour range: grey, silver, gold and rose gold.

2. A new iPad

TechCrunch reports that Apple will likely present a new 9.7 inch model. This new iPad launch would mark the first major upgrade to Apple’s 9.7 inch tablet line since the Air 2 inauguration in Oct 2014.

New 9.7 inch iPad

The new iPad will support the Apple Pencil, will have enhanced speakers, a faster processor and extra RAM, and possibly even a rear flash for photography which would be a first for Apple’s iPad. It will also be available in a 128GB storage capacity. To fit the smaller screen size, a Smart Keyboard will be introduced. But the key makeover is about having a connector on its side for a keyboard accessory, which is the element that makes this tablet transform into more than the standard iPad: we’re expecting to see a much more powerful iPad than what Apple currently has on sale.

Should Apple launch this product under the Pro range, it would outline a clear split between the low-end and high-end tablets, adding more differentiation between them: a more affordable Air line and a Pro line collection with stronger features and processors.

3. Twists to the Apple Watch line

"Let’s loop you in", the message on the event invite, could relate to the Apple Watch. However, according to rumourmongers, we shouldn’t expect an Apple Watch 2 just yet.

Apple watch new bands

This spring’s Apple Watch refresh will be mostly about new bands: multiple new colours for the Sport line, new branded bands through partnerships with firms such as Hermès, a ’’space black’’ version of the Milanese Loop, and maybe even a completely new NATO-style nylon straps that 9to5Mac originally reported as being in development.

4. Software platforms updates

Aside the products, Apple has also been testing enriched feature-packed versions for each of its software platforms. The company didn’t announce final versions or release dates, but the new versions are expected to come out this spring, so the March 21st event could be the moment.

You can read here the features that iOS 9.3 will bring.

So what will Apple reveal this spring?

Whether is new iPhone and iPad models, Apple Watch accessories or iOS 9.3 updates, we’re looking forward to seeing what news Apple will release this month.

With the first 2016 Apple event happening one day prior to company’s hearing on the FBI case, there is one more thing people are all eyes and ears: Apple is likely to make an announcement about encryption and device security at this event.

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