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If you haven't already updated to the newly released iOS 7.1 (the first major update to Apple's iOS 7), you can update now. Either update over the air (using the on-device Settings > General > Software Update) or via iTunes (by connecting your iDevice over USB with iTunes) and you'll enjoy:

  • CarPlay support
  • Performance improvements for your suffering iPhone 4
  • Siri and iTunes Radio enhancements
  • UI/UX changes and bug fixes (41 vulnerabilities fixed, but who's counting)

No matter which way you choose to update to iOS 7.1, it's highly important that you back up your iDevice before performing any kind of update.

The update to iOS 7.1 will require between 1.5GB and 2.5GB free space of your phone. If you don't have that amount of GB free space you can update with the iOS 7.1 IPSW file, which will require a complete backup and restore of your phone. You can read some helpful tips on our How to get .IPSW from a .DMG file of iOS on Windows article.

iOS 7.1 on an iPhone 5s

iPhone Backup Extractor v4.8.3 now with iOS 7.1 iTunes backup support

We always offer prompt support for any Apple update or change, and the iOS 7.1 is no exception. So go ahead and extract your contacts, SMS messages, photos, notes and much more. Download iPhone Backup Extractor with iOS 7.1 iTunes support.

Access iTunes backup data with iPBE

How to recover photos deleted in an iOS 7.1 Upgrade

If ‘Restore backup’ in iTunes doesn't work or you simply don't want to restore to a previous backup as that will take your iPhone⁄iPad⁄iPod Touch to the moment of when the backup was made, you can easily recover your photos with iPhone Backup Extractor. Make sure you have at hand the iTunes Backup of your iDevice, be it the one you created just before updating or an older one where this data still exist. Then open the iPhone Backup Extractor and Select that iTunes backup. You will be able to recover your photos by clicking on the blue number next to the Photos category in the Available Data section.

Recover photos deleted during iOS upgrade iPBE

If you get in trouble or need expert support you can contact our support team any time, we'd love to help.

Have you had any troubles in updating to iOS 7.1? What do you make of the changes, are they an improvement?

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