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Recover data from iTunes backups faster on your Mac

Apple Macintosh fans that are familiar with our software will be delighted to hear the iPhone Backup Extractor is now easier to run and manage than ever. The iPhone Backup Extractor installer for Mac is now a .dmg file that will run with a simple double-click on your desktop icon. Update the Mac iPhone Backup Extractor to version 4.6.6 and let us know how you like it!

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Open your iTunes backup on your Mac using iPhone Backup Extractor

Many of our Mac OS X users have written to us asking for a .dmg installer of the iPhone Backup Extractor*. Our developers have been working hard to accomplish a smoother install process for all our Mac users, while still offering all our world class iPad/iPod/iPhone backup retrieval features. You can easily install the software on your Mac and get quick access to all the contacts, SMS messages, photos, videos and other data in your iTunes backup.

To get the iPhone Backup Extractor running on your Mac OS X, all you need to do is:

* Users installing the iPhone Backup Extractor on a Mac required Mono and X11 libraries installed, these are no longer needed with our new Mac edition.

** If your OS X is older than OS X 10.6, you will still need to use our iPhone Backup Extractor .zip file version, with Mono. We are happy to help you setup if needed, so please contact our expert iTunes backup support team. Make sure to have X11 Libraries and install the Mono framework first (it's free). The iPhone Backup Extractor zip file version also works great for Linux users.

Extract iTunes backups data on your Mac: Contacts, messages, photos...

So go ahead and open your iTunes backups, check their content for precious information you stored on your iPhone, iPad or iPod and give us your feedback. You can contact our expert iTunes backup support team for any issues regarding your backup, we are always glad to help! Our live chat is on-line Monday to Friday between 9 PM − 4 PM GMT, so be sure to send a message so we can answer your questions!

The iPhone Backup Extractor works on all iTunes backups made under all iOS versions, even the latest iOS 7, and will easily extract all your data and safety save it to your computer.

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