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Backup prior to iOS 7 upgrade

It's really important to be prepared before updating your device to iOS 7. Most iOS updates go smoothly, but if you run out of memory, the cable gets unplugged, wifi goes down, battery runs out, power cut interrupts, then an iOS update and data restore might get messy.

You have heard us say this many times, right? Well, it's sage advice and if you haven't already, take a minute to do so and save yourself the grief of losing your data. Backing up prior to the iOS 7 update will save your data!

To prevent losing iPhone or iPad data (so precious to all of us) from happening follow Apple's KB article on how to back up your iDevice.

To backup with iTunes, simply:

  • Download the latest 11.1.0 iTunes version. You will use iTunes 11.1.0 to sync, backup and purchase (anything) once iOS 7 is installed.
  • Connect your iPhone to a computer
  • Click File menu > Devices > Back up

Remember that our iPhone Backup Extractor offers full support for iOS 7 and all previous iOS iTunes backup versions. Our expert support team can help you recover your data in all kind of situations from complex corrupt backups to simply deleted contacts, deleted photos and many more after iOS 7 update.

Problems Updating iPhone to iOS 7?

'An error occurred while downloading the updates'

If you count yourself amongst the many of us that tried to update multiple times and got the above error, don't worry. The Apple servers have been very busy during the release of the iOS 7 and iTunes 11.1., with millions of users downloading at the same time. Simply try again later.:)

Also, if you are a developer and you previously got the iOS 7 GM release, you already know that the GoldMaster release is binary-identical with the official release, so no need of updating as you already have the final iOS 7 release. So, happy iOS 7 !

Alternatively, you could get the iOS 7 ipsw file from the Dev Center (chose the one suitable for your device), then connect to iTunes, hold 'Shift' on the keyboard > click 'Check for Updates' > choose your previously downloaded iOS 7 ipsw file. If you are not familiar with the ipsw files, read helpful instructions in our 'Install iOS 7 beta to your iPhone in just a few easy steps' guide.

To update from iOS 7 Beta to final iOS 7 with iTunes, you need to:

  • Download the latest 11.1.0 iTunes version
  • Connect your iDevice to computer
  • If your iOS 7 beta asks to trust your computer, agree so
  • Back up
  • Restore
  • iTunes will download and re-install iOS 7 on your iDevice.
iTunes verifying iOS 7 update

To update from iOS 6 to official iOS 7 release you need to:

  • Have a good WI-FI connection if you want to grab the iOS 7 via your iPhone. And then go to Settings > Software update, and follow the instructions.

  • iPhone iOS 7 Update completed
  • Make sure you use iTunes 11.1 if you want to update iOS 7 via iTunes. For this you simply need to select your device in iTunes and click Check for Updates > Download and Update.

  • iOS 7 updated iPhone iTunes message

Restore iTunes backup to iOS 7

Your data should stay on your iPhone after the update to iOS 7, but if something does go wrong you can restore from previous backups made in iTunes at any time.

Recover deleted contacts

If after the iOS 7 update you notice that your contacts or pictures have disappeared and you for any reason can't restore, and if you have a previous iTunes backup to hand, then you can recover iPhone data easily with iPhone Backup Extractor. Follow this simple tutorial on recovering iTunes backup data with iPhone Backup Extractor using Simple Mode.

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