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How do I get my Safari bookmarks from an iTunes backup?

We know how important bookmarking your favourite websites can be, but what happens if you lose or delete your bookmarks on your iPhone, iPad or iPod? If you have backed up your iDevice in iTunes we can show you how to access the file that contains the URL's using the iPhone Backup Extractor . Your bookmarks, along with other important data such as: WhatsApp messages, contacts, sms, and many more are stored in your iPhone backup as hash encoded files and you need a special extractor software to read these. The iPhone Backup Extractor can extract the bookmarks.db that contains your bookmarks if you follow the steps below:

  1. Open iPBE application and select the backup you wish to extract bookmarks from
  2. Select 'Expert Mode'
  3. Navigate to the 'Library' folder, then the 'Safari' sub-folder
  4. Select the bookmarks.db file
  5. Click the 'Extract selected' button and choose a folder to save the bookmarks.db file
  6. Open the bookmarks database with SQLite manager

extract safari bookmarks

We also recommend that you to check out this tutorial on how to use Expert Mode in iPhone Backup Extractor. To view how to extract bookmarks database just skip to minute 2:28.

How to read bookmarks database

This is not rocket science so don't panic! Search for a SQLite Manager and download it. For example, if you are using Mozilla Firefox browser, you can find an Add On named SQLite Manager, install it and then you will find it in Tools option from the browser's menu.

sqlite manager

Open the SQLite Manager and open the bookmarks.db file you extracted. Make sure you select the all files option, so you can see the .db file to open it.

read bookmarks database

And finally, once the database is open, select the 'bookmarks' database and you will see the 'title' and 'URL' fields and your bookmarks will be revealed. And that is all! You now have your bookmarks back!

If you wish to try some SQL and show just the two fields, use 'SELECT title, url FROM bookmarks' in the execute the SQL file tab, and you can even save the results to CSV.

Would you like this new feature to be added in the new version of iPhone Backup Extractor? What about an exporting feature to Chrome, Firefox or IE formats on a PC, Safari on a Mac or straight to XML or CSV, let us know?

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